One reason Jesinta and Buddy should not postpone their wedding.

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A few years ago, a most unlikely friendship blossomed. It was between a middle-aged mummy blogger from the burbs, and a former Miss Australia contestant turned media personality.

I KNOW RIGHT! Talk about your odd couple….

Jesinta is a complete sweetheart, has a hilarious sense of humour and is about as down to earth as any “celebrity” can be. I mean, she sends Christmas Cards for Christ’s sake!

So today I saw red when a gossip columnist who I have written about before, wrote the most vile article about her and her fiancé, who is currently in treatment for a mental health issue.

13 Reasons why Jesinta and Buddy should postpone their wedding.

They were all revolting, but some of the real kickers include the following…

2: They’re young. The 2010 Miss Universe Australia contestant is 24, Franklin is 28.

10: Because Franklin’s career and earning power is less certain than it was a month ago. With Swans bosses looking closely at Franklin’s nine-year contract — he didn’t reveal his epilepsy to them when he signed which may trigger a contract breach — who’s to say Franklin will still be earning a million dollars in year in three years time? The couple’s wedding is expected to be a lavish and glamorous affair that will cost six figures.

9: Because Jesinta may still be absorbing the news that mental illness can be hereditary.

11: Because Jesinta’s appeal and allure will halve when she marries as half the consumer market — men — rapidly lose interest in their dream girl when she is no longer single.

12: Because they haven’t struck a deal to sell their wedding, do they won’t lose out on lucrative payday.

I will wait while you pick your jaw up off the floor. If you really want to punish yourself, you can read the article here. *rushes off to rinse eyeballs out with bleach….*

So, I hear you say. Why I am I giving it oxygen? Why am I further fuelling the fire? I will tell you.

I am sick to death of shitty behaviour not being called out. This gossip writer stepped completely over the line. And yes I know she is an opinion writer and all, but you do not gossip and speculate about somebody’s mental health. It is not there for our entertainment. It is not entertainment at all. It is an illness and like with any other, it needs to be treated as such, not to provide fodder for washed up journos whose creativity has seemed to have left the building back in the 80’s.

And do not even start me on this…. The trouble with stating your opinion on the internet while being a woman.

*knocks back a shot of vodka*

I am sick of seeing shitty behaviour online, and I am not afraid to call it out.

So Jesinta and Buddy. There is one good reason to get married, and that is love. I would like to see a little bit more of it spread around. xxx