The Steven Bradbury of Footy Finals.

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It was a cold, wet and rainy start to the day. We made our way to Horatio’s Rugby Grand Final and was greeted by our team Mascot.

The team was fired up, the crowd was huge and the BBQ was pumping out superior sausages. We were playing Balmain, and the parents were all very groovy and hipster-like. My Dad looked at the opposition team and commented that they were “children of basket weavers.”

Well, they may have very well been the “children of basket weavers,” but they were the better team on the day. I can honestly say with my hand on my heart, that Balmain was robbed.

We were plagued with injuries. We were missing one of the big forwards who had gone skiing. At certain times, I contemplated going and sitting in the car and putting Smooth FM on to calm myself.

We were on the receiving end of a beating, a solid beating, but somehow we managed to cling on and trail behind by 5 points.

On the sidelines, we had all but given up hope.

“Oh well… They have had a great season.”

“Remember that first game, where they couldn’t run in a straight line?”

And then the sound of the air horn blasted over the field. The Balmain Crew erupted in a huge cheer, as we all clapped along, acknowledging that the best side had won.

But one member of our team had other thoughts.

Nathan whipped up that abandoned ball, shot up the sideline and placed it down behind they try-line.

The Ref blew his whistle. Nathan had scored a legitimate try as Ref had not yet blown his whistle for full-time.

Enter complete confusion.

Now in a fairytale ending, our kicker would have converted that try, placing the championship in our hands. But it wasn’t meant to be. And that is how our Rugby Team became joint premiers in 2015.

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Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, give up.