Words are weapons.

Trigger warning. This post is about Domestic Violence.

Last night a 32 year old lady from Townsville was allegedly stabbed to death by her ex-partner in her own home. That brings our national total of dead women this year to an appalling 66.

This morning I read an article by Miranda Devine and I nearly threw up.

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You would think that after yesterday’s post, I would have learnt my lesson but noooo. There I go again reading that crap. And again I feel the urge to respond to it here as Miranda’s words are harmful and if you are in a violent relationship, you need to know that it is not your fault. It is not your fault. It is not your fault.

I recall the absolute pounding I received when I wrote a post called Why I wished that Rosie Batty had not won Australian of the Year. Vicious words were flung at me and I didn’t care. Still don’t. They cannot hurt me because in this case, I know am speaking the truth.

We had a discussion on the Woogsworld Facebook page this morning about Miranda’s article and I was relieved to find that my opinion about it was shared. And then I got a message from one of my readers.

She had gone to the police on Friday to try and get a restraining order against her ex, only to be told that she should just “block” his number. She felt extremely patronised. She had been beaten and abused by him for their entire marriage, and even ten years on she is receiving texts, like this one…


Miranda writes “Poverty is the cause of domestic violence, the desperate chaos of the underclass, played out in welfare dependency, mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse, especially psychosis-inducing ice.”

My reader is not living in poverty. She is a university educated, privately schooled business woman. She owns her own home and lives in an affluent suburb. She also has to live with her phone pinging and the subsequent abuse.

Domestic violence does not discriminate according to socio economic statuses. And the statistics show (and I did the math) that there are ten thousand WoogsWorld readers who have experienced domestic violence to a varying degree. And if that is not an epidemic, then I don’t know what is.

Ten thousand of women reading this blog post, have experienced domestic violence. 

So to my dear reader who reached out to me, know that you are not alone in your very real struggle. Miranda Devine does not speak for you. She is a mouthpiece of a male-dominated media empire. Her words are weapons. Nasty ones at that and it is not your fault. It is not your fault. It is not your fault.

If you need assistance in any way, please click here.