Adrenaline Junkie

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My first designer perfume possibility. Thoughts?

Before you read please note. I ain’t no doctor.

Some people are adrenaline junkies. They crave that rush that you can get by driving very fast, bungy jumping and other things that frighten the bejesus out of me. Some things are just not right. Like walking along the edge of a cliff, or surfing. No thank you. I will watch on.

Last week I caught the tail end of a conference called Mother Conference, to watch Jess Rowe talk about her book Is this my Beautiful Life? When I arrived, a dark-haired woman was on the stage chatting. I looked at the program. Oh great. A nutritionist & naturopath.

I was about to set my internal snooze button because these things tend to bore me to my bones. Blah blah blah, eat some kale. Blah blah blah, don’t eat donuts. Blah blah blah, get some sleep. You know what I mean, right?

But she started talking about adrenal glands. I know a little about them, because when I am going through an anxious patch, they tend to get quite the workout. I can always tell when I need to calm the fuck down, because my adrenal glands try to trick me into thinking that I am in great danger, when really the only thing that I am in danger of is tripping over my own feet. And I am so used to that happening anyway, that it really is no big deal.

So my interest was piqued.

Did you know that your adrenal glands sit on top of your kidneys. SHUT UP. Well now you do. I am not going to get into the nitty gritty of what they actually do, but suffice to say that they are very important when it comes to hormones and shit. And if you are a card-carrying member of CLUB ANXIETY, yours are particularly active.

The speaker’s name was Emma Sutherland and I dug what she had to say. She was not all YOU MUST ALL DO THIS OR YOU WILL GO TO HELL IN A SUSTAINABLY MADE ORGANIC BAMBOO HANDBASKET, but she spoke in a way that connected with me. I decided then and there, that I was the boss of my adrenaline glands, not the other way around.

Emma advocated making the following changes to build your adrenal resilience. DEEP BREATH YOU CAN DO THIS.

  • Kick the caffeine holy fuck
  • Kick the sugar and processed carbs
  • Load up on magnesium
  • Ditto your Vitamin C
  • Walk daily
  • Meditate

Ok, so the first two will be tough for me, so I am going to focus on the rest of the list. Although having said that I have cut back to one glorious delicious essential coffee a day. To be honest I am not much of a sweet tooth apart from the odd bowl of Maggie’s. I have been taking Magnesium and Vitamin C since the talk and I have made sure that I have walked everyday. GOLD STAR.

Meditation is great. Click here to sign up to a great program which is free. Go ahead. I will wait…..

I was so glad that I was running early that day. And my adrenal glands are thanking me for it too.

Anyone else interested in this stuff?

Anyone going to join me in gaining back control of this…. well. GLAND?

Read Jess’s Book? Isn’t it wonderful?

Isn’t the word GLAND a little gross, or is that just me?