Buy those shoes. Drink that Coke.

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Last night I went to a friends 50th Birthday Party. She was a reader of this blog, and over time we got to know each other very well.

A few years ago, her beloved husband Andrew went out for a surf and never came home. She is now raising two of the most delightful young men on her own as a widow, and is doing a damn fine job of it. She is the sort of person who is brimming with love. It kind of comes out of her face. She knows when my chips are down, and will call me out of the blue to discuss it. She is one of those friends that everyone needs in their life. I just love her to bits.

Over the weekend, one of the kids in my neighbourhood took his own life. I didn’t know him or his family personally, but I live in an area that everyone is connected in some kind of way. I walked past their house this afternoon and noticed the people pouring in, holding casserole dishes and other helpful things. He was in Year 12 and was about to sit his HSC.

I am worried about my colleague Bruce, who is in the midst of living in his own nightmare.

Today I got into the car with Mr. Woog when I noticed a can of that green Coke Life which was empty, in the cup holder. I told him that it had not been a great success and that it would probably be phased out soon. A bit like Toobs. He was sad, saying it was the one weekly thing he treated himself too. I told him to buy the real deal.

I was in bed just now, watching stupid shit on the internet. Mr. Woog and Horatio are watching the replay of the Wallabies V. Wales match. I was listening to them banter, screech at the screen and slap each other on the back.

Mr. Woog yells out… “Love? Can you make me a cuppa?”

Normally I would tell him to jam it up his clacker, but I didn’t. I jumped out of bed and asked Horatio if there was anything he wanted. Then I made my beloved a cup of tea, and delivered it to him.

Life is short and long and wonderful and mean. Buy the shoes. Order dessert. Drink full strength coke and hug everyone you can. Ok?