Life on the D List

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Sometimes when you are a blogger you get invited to do stuff. (Please note names have been changed.)

Hi Mrs Woog,

I hope you’re doing well.

Please see below an invite from xxx Australia to attend a drive day for the new 2015 xxx. With top of the range safety and driver assist tech features, the xxx is the perfect family vehicle and ideal for taking an easy adventure holiday with the kids. And with sleek new design features, it couldn’t be further from being just a tradie ute.

Apologies for the late notice but please let us know if you’re available to attend. Hoping you can make it!




Dear Andrew,

I want you to place your hand on your heart and tell me the truth.

Is this a second or a third round offer?

Because this happened to me once at a wedding and it was HILARIOUS!

Mrs Woog


Hi Mrs Woog,

Hand on my heart – yes.

I’m new(ish) on the team and asked for any influencers / bloggers we could invite and your name was passed along.

Are you keen to come along? If so, would love to hear the story about what happened to you at this wedding.




Your honesty is so refreshing! Thank you so much Andrew. It is a rare thing these days.

I am sorry that I am unable to make it. But thank you for the giggle. When I am a rich and famous MOMMY BLOGGER, I am going to give you a job.

Take care.

Mrs Woog

Don’t you just love an honest person? Inviting someone the day before the actual event is a dead giveaway that you were not the top pick for that shin dig. And that is ok. Because I have also been asked to be a seat filler at a wedding before. Yes, a second round offer.

Did you know that at the Oscars, they actually hire out of work actors to fill seats. Like, you know in case Russell Brand needs to duck out for a smoke? You might even end up sitting next to Brad Pitt for a stint while Angelina ducks out to sign some adoption papers, or something.

Have you ever found yourself on the D-List?