Some Blog Posts.

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I have written on this little blog of mine, a total of 1938 stories. That is a lot of talking shit going down.

So today I thought we would look back on some of my favourite yarns.

I am not sure how long you have been reading? Maybe this is your very first visit to my blog? Maybe you have been around since the olden days. Who knows?

Anyway let, crack this wide open and go way back….

The Squat Fart – the title says it all really. A shameful day.

Dreher – How I spent a Saturday (during a heatwave) at a retirement village drinking beer.

Waxing Lyrical about sales people – A story about making wax seals

Before I met the Prime Minister

After I met the Prime Minister

Remember the weekend that was the most ridiculous weekend ever?

George the Pervert. 

So many stories. I had a lot of fun looking back at them. And I cringed a lot as well. Oh well. Here is to the next 1938 stories!

How long have you been hanging around WoogsWorld?