Taking Stock in October.

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Making : Progress with the final edits on my book Primary School Confidential

Cooking : Not much. Toast? Does that count?

Drinking : Well I have had to cut down on the caffeine so just one coffee a day, one 200ml Diet coke a day and the rest is water. So I am not really cutting down on it… anyway, NEXT!

Reading: So much reading! Almost finished Plain Speaking Jane by Jane Caro which I can highly recommend. Am dipping in and out of Bill Bryson’s latest, The Road to Little Dribbling which has me in fits of giggles, and am improving my life one page at a time, thanks to Bahar Etminan’s guide to life called Rescu Me! You know what you should do, right? READ MORE.

Wanting: To see my belly button.

Looking: For my belly button.

Playing: With Mr. Woogs emotions. It is like my sport.

Deciding: That we really need another bathroom so my son does not have to be insulted when he sees a box of tampons on the bench.

Wishing: Tracy makes a full recovery.

Enjoying: Writing blog posts where I don’t really have to think to hard, like this one! Thanks Pip!

Waiting: To see how long that dreadful show The Verdict will last on air. Any show that gives Mark Latham a platform, is no friend of mine.

Liking: Lunch with the gals

Wondering: Whether I should have wine with lunch with the gals.

Loving: How hot the new Canadian President is.

Pondering: If the thing of note about the new Canadian President is his hotness, does that make me shallow?

Considering: Moving to Canada.

Buying: Books.

Watching: Nothing! There is nothing on TV that I need to watch at the moment. Hence book reading.

Hoping: Keeping Up the the Kardashians comes back on soon.

Marvelling: How my sons can chuck a sickie and and believe them every time.

Cringing: At nothing. I own my fuck ups FIST PUMP!

Questioning: Whether I am old and responsible enough to have a child go to high school next year. I suspect not.

Smelling: Our garden, full of roses. Great big, pongy roses.

Wearing: This

Following: Sydney Radar and hoping that this weather might fuck off fairly soon.

Noticing: More and more wrinkles. Oh well.

Knowing: That those wrinkles are a map of all good times.

Thinking: About pork buns

Admiring: Parents of twins and triplets.

Sorting: Nothing. The whole place is a stinking mess and I just cannot be bothered to address it.

Getting: Ready for a massive weekend.

Coveting: Nothing much if I can be honest. I do, however need some new perfume.

Disliking: Negative Nancies

Opening: This can of Diet Coke

Giggling: Always. It is my drug of choice.

Feeling: Alright. IT’S A MIRACLE!

Snacking: Kale chips with quinoa

Helping: To grow my sense of humour with stupid answers about snacking

Hearing: This big black bird that sits in the tree outside my office that has the most annoying squark that he likes to share with me every 5th second. I makes me want to own a gun. Or a slingshot at the very least.

Needing: THIS

I taught my Mum a little lesson recently. Always plan something to look forward to. It helps you get out of bed in the mornings.

So it is over to you.

What are YOU looking forward to right now?