The new normal. And I do not like it.


A friend of mine, who you met here, is searching for a decent man. Because I am a helpful person, I have offered my assistance.

So I will go onto dating sites and assess the situation. Upon coming across someone who looks like they are not in fact a serial killer, I will take a screen shot of the potential candidate and text it to her. She will then use her discretion and decide whether she can be bothered to reach out to said man and strike up a conversation.

I am exactly like Greg Evans.

“Like an oyster and pearl…..”

Recently I found a dreamy sort. I filed my recommendation. A few days later, my friend shared with me the picture he shared with her.

A picture….. of his penis.

I shit you not. This is what we have become. This is what happens now. And I do no likey.

It is not that I don’t like doodles. Sure, they have form and function, I know. But is it something that one should use as a marketing tool? its it just me, or does it kind of remind you of a young toddler who has discovered his for the first time, and wants to show everyone?

I bought up the trend with the smart and funky chicks from the Facebook page. There were some extremely eyebrow raising tales shared…

Margaret writes – I have a friend who went on a date with a man she met on RSVP. Things were going well until the second date – he cooked her dinner- but she declined his attractive offer of a root on their second date. So he said words to the effect of ‘you won’t mind if I masturbate will you? I’m really horny’. She thought he meant after she left…

Luisa writes – I’ve had friends on dating sites. Happens all the time! Or they take them on one date and expect a shag. Often they don’t even bother with the date! They just want to come over for a shag!

Miff writes – I was back on the dating scene after being out from 18-36. I received a number of dick pics, enough to make an album. Needless to say I am now with a lovely man from RSVP who didn’t feel the need to display his peacock.

Jenny writes – Totally normal. With ugly red underpants around ankles and obligatory cheap gas heater in the background. So funny. I am 48 and single. If you send it I make it clear I am showing my girlfriends and NO I WILL NOT SEND A PHOTO OF MY TITS YOU DOLT!

Natasha writes – What amazes me, is that men must think that WE think their doodles are pretty. As a beauty therapist I used to wax men’s bits & butts ( until the inevitable happened ) & when everything was waxed you’d look it over for any stray hairs & I’d always think…It looks just like Gonzo from The Muppets doing a handstand.

Clint writes – Only when unsolicited. Just like parenting advice really. But when it’s requested… HELLO! THAT’S SO HELPFUL!!

I refuse to allow this to become the new normal. In my opinion, unless specifically invited out, keep it in your pants lads.

When did we get like this?

Who is to blame?

Is this the new normal?