A sponsored post that the Universe directed me to write.

Sponsored by Burnaid ® gel


It was a last minute Sunday evening get together with some mates that saw me rushing around the house, throwing the baskets of washing into bedrooms and closing the door on them.

“Unpack the dishwasher!” I asked one of the kids. “Take out that bin!” I instructed the other.

I am not fussy when I entertain, but there are certain standards that should be adhered. Like no skiddies in the loo, a freshly wiped down basin and a new hand towel hung in anticipation.

“Do we have any ice?” I asked Mr. Woog. We had no ice, so he shot up to the shops to grab some, as well as some cheese and other things to nibble on.

I turned the oven on to 180 degrees. I finally had an excuse to cook the spinach and cheese triangles that I bought when I was absentmindedly doing the grocery shopping. I recall being very hungry when I shopped that day, and anything that looked delicious found its way into my trolley.

Don’t judge. I know you have done it too.


In through the door they come.

I looked around the house, and was pleased with my super fast clean up. When I do a speed clean up, I like to sing the song….

Got a call from Mr. Fryer
He’s bringing round a buyer
The kitchen looked a fright,
From that little do last night.

Although I felt quite sickly,
I had to clean it quickly…

Children were dispatched to the backyard, a few drinks were poured and I thought now was a great time to get some pastries happening.

I was in the kitchen chatting to my friend when I opened the oven door and discovered that there was a baking dish still in there. My brain decided at that very point to take leave of its responsibilities as I reached in to grab that dish.

Without an oven mitt.

My reaction caused all the birds in my street to take to the skies immediately. It caused my cat to bolt out through the cat flap in the kitchen. It got the neighbourhood dogs howling as my friend grabbed my hand and stuck it under the tap. The cold water provided a little relief.

“Why did you do that?” She asked.

I explained to her how my brain had yet again let me down. And then we talked a bit about how I would be a forensic investigators worst nightmare if I were to commit a crime just then. Because I had burnt off several of my fingerprints.

Brain. Why do you think the way you do, when you actually work correctly?

I kept my fingers under the running tap while my friend demonstrated the correct use of oven mitts, put the triangles into the oven tray, and then back into the oven. She told me that she would take the responsibility of their removal.

I was relieved. The gathering continued without any further incident.

The next day, Tessa from my agency asked me if I would like to work with a new product called Burnaid. It is a gel that works to draw out heat while hydrating the skin.

Would this be relevant for me?

I told her about my incident the night before. And that is how come you are learning about Burnaid.

So next time you slip up in the kitchen and touch something that you shouldn’t, run your burn under a cold tap for twenty minutes, then apply Burnaid for soothing relief.

Unless you have done a complete number on yourself, then go to the hospital, ok?

Are you a klutz in the kitchen?

Click here for more information about Burnaid.

For the first aid treatment of minor burns. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. For more details about Burnaid® visit their website www.burnaid.com.au. Mundipharma Pty Limited, Sydney. ® Burnaid is a registered trademark. CH-0014 Aug 2015.



  1. That sounds exactly like the type of thing I would do. I’m surprised the neighbours didn’t call the police recently as I suddenly shrieked “NO! STOP !”…….my 12 year old daughter had the folded tea towel in her left hand & was reaching into the oven with her right hand to grab the tray…..disaster only just avoided. How tragic is it that I couldn’t just read your clean up song, I had to sing it, let’s just be thankful I did it in my head not out loud 🙂

    • It will be in your head all day. I apologise… x

      • Also,

        The one morning we could lie in
        Our daughter comes in crying
        She’s nabbed that rich boy Ray
        Now his folks are on the way

        What a rude awakening
        The house looks like a break in
        With spray and wipe all purpose
        We cleaned up every surface


  2. Ouch – feel your pain. I think we all have brain freezes like that now and then. Good timing for new product testing though! Ps I used to LOVE that ad.

  3. Did you actually use the Burn aid? or will you in the future? I’m actually very interested if it works due to being a klutz as well and this post wasn’t helpful in regards to the product.

  4. For some I do that with baking trays, I put them in oven to dry after I wash them and then forget they’re in there – what is up with that? Ouchie! Cute mitt

  5. Im free of kitchen accidents but do have the same bathroom spritz up routine

    Also have the same brain absenteeism. It never came back after pregnancies.

  6. aww mrs woog!
    you thought it was the microwave hun!
    is this a true story?
    doesn’t matter, I come here because I know you’re human!
    lol m:)X

  7. Ah, yes I have done that same thing, it hurts! Burnaid is good, another tip is if someone closeby is a Reiki healer get them to Reiki your burn. It works a treat, seriously, it is like a miracle.

  8. My never-fail go-to is 10 minutes under running water/a glass of wine drunk very quickly until the Nurofen kicks in. I am the BIGGEST klutz (I have two healing burns on my left hand/arm as we speak) so I probably should buy shares in this stuff!

  9. I have a scar on the back of my hand from repeated burnings as I get things out of the oven. I knock it on the shelf above… ouch! x

  10. Our oven is set really low to the ground and is soooo hard to get stuff in and out of. Plus when you open it, unless you’ve positioned yourself strategically to one side, you’re quite likely to steam the top 3 layers of your face off. Side benefit – I now look 10 yrs younger and no longer need to worry about nasal hair…

  11. I Love that Mit…A year ago there was a fab French shop in the Queen Victoria Building tunnel. I got some very cute pink kitty ones for my girl. In june I went back to get some other little bits and was sad to see it had closed. I loved that shop.

  12. Oh yes I have done that many a time. Thats why I hate the oven. Need to add some that burn aid to my medicine box! I also have those triangles in my freezer! We’re they good?? Xx

  13. I shouldn’t be allowed in a kitchen. Ever. All this needing to feed people is so overrated. Yesterday I managed to cut my foot with a potato peeler, which some little grotty monster decided to leave in the middle of the floor. Who does that? My kids are 4,3, and 8 months so I can only presume it was my husband who dropped it and didn’t pick it up. Also, how to you cut your foot on a potato peeler? I managed to. As I said, I shouldn’t be allowed in the kitchen…

  14. When I was a teenager I had a job at a ‘swanky’ fish and chip shop where at least one person got burnt with the oil from the deep fryer on a monthly basis. This would have been handy at that point in my life {but with two young boys I am sure that I will need it a couple of times in my future}.

  15. Plumbers and welders need this. Burns from welding are painful and leave scars. Thankfully a lot of plumbers use crimping tools for copper these days, but it’s probably good to have on hand when they do weld.

  16. I always remember the oven mitts, then forget that the rest of my arms are still vulnerable and lean them on the grills in the oven. Because brain smarts.

  17. I did this yesterday!

  18. We have a tube of Burnaid in the kitchen drawer for my many many burns I inflict on myself. Like the time I was filling a thermos and poured the boiling water all over my hand instead. Or when I took a hot frypan out of the oven with mitts, served up dinner and then forgot the pan was hot so I went to pick it up and put it in the sink. I am the poster girl for Burnaid!

  19. I have done that exact same thing before!!! I’m glad it’s not just me. Hope your poor hand gets better soon:(

  20. Oh Mrs Woog I have burned myself stupidly 3 times. I think it’s a mum thing. I’ll remember to get some of this gear in case as in the fridge I have a 1000000 yr old tube of something that won’t cut it

  21. I keep burning different parts of my arm that aren’t mit protected. I need this.

  22. That is definitely the universe working for you – although not the burning hand bit just the cream. I don’t know whether I want to burn myself to have the universe work for me – can it send a lotto win instead.

  23. Rachael Honner says

    I’ve done that before myself! And at least your brain still works to write beautifully humane & funny posts which we all can relate to!! Love how a basin wipe over can resolve all. Hope your finger tips are much better now!!