A trip through Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform used by millions of people the world over. It is based on photos that you can crop, manipulate and add filters to, to make it appear that you live a fabulous life, to strangers who follow you.

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Being the social media tragic that I am, of COURSE I have an instagram account. But instead of posting inspiring quotes, sunsets, green smoothies, pictures of exercising people, outfit shots and carefully placed vignettes, I tend to photograph things that actually do, inspire me.

Like my lunch yesterday. Delicious. #cleaneating

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A few weeks ago, I posted a response that I got from Bruce, who witnessed me falling down in front of a crowd at a workshop.

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Wha else do we have…. Oh yes. This was ┬áVERY SWEARY Huffy Puffy session where I had to plank, while completing this puzzle. I used every profanity I could recall and when I ran out, I made up some new ones. ARSEMANIA!

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When I was a craft blogger for 8 minutes…..

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I loved this day. I took a bunch of local writers and bloggers (not all pictured as I only thought of it after people started to leave) out for a literary lunch, where we drank bubbles and talked all things writing. I loved this lot, and my mate Wendy came along for added pizazz. Will be having another one in the new year. Wanna come? PS Not up the duff, just appear that way….

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Oh ye of little faith! A while back I wrote about Mr. Woogs tapestry monkey that was his Grandmas and how I would not let it in the house, so it lives in the shed. A few of you doubted my story. (silently lifts middle finger to the screen)

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This is a photo of a bottle of antibiotics from our ADORABLE chemist. Doesn’t take much to be awesome hey!

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My instagram account has dozens of washing shots. DOZENS. Maybe I would be better off folding all that shit, rather than taking photos of it and walking away….

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Ok, so I actually love this photo. It was taken at my friend Lisa’s 50th Birthday Party. I had gone to get a beverage and when I came out of the house I realised the speeches were on. I felt like a bit of a tool as I was clearly on the wrong side of the crowd but something struck me, and I snapped it. Lisa lost her beloved husband Andrew a few years ago, and was speaking while flanked by her gorgeous sons. Strapping young men. You can see the love and strength these three have, as they continue to live their new normal.

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This is the audience when I spoke at an industry event. As you can tell, I was very compelling. Look at the excitement on those faces!

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Sometimes things are just far too good not to share.

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Kids decor ideas.

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This post might never end. This is what I turn to when I get a bit stressed.

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This is when a can of Diet Coke was left in the freezer overnight.

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But in all seriousness, I will stop now because otherwise it will be Christmas and I haven’t started my shopping yet.

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Who do you follow on Instagram? Anyone worth noting? Share!