The Anxious Extrovert

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Fruit makes people beam with joy…no?

So, you have your introverts and your extroverts and all the shades in between, right? There are poor souls who suffer from agoraphobia, who cannot even get to the letterbox without an impending sense of doom. It is a real thing, and I feel so bad for those who suffer from it.┬áMe? Well I would describe myself as an anxious extrovert. Once I am out there, I’m all good. If I am speaking to a large crowd of people, you will probably find me backstage in a panic somewhere, but once the initial horror wears off, it is show pony time! But nerves are a good thing, apparently.


Read more about that here.

On Friday evening, I threw on something clean and headed into town to go to a large party, where I knew a total of two people. It was a drinks thing at the Allen and Unwin offices, who are publishing my book. So it was kind of a big deal. But a part of me was all like,,,, “It’s too hot to go…” “You will set alone all night and get accidentally shit faced….” or “What if you say something stupid to someone important…” which is kind of a gift I have.

But I went. The tip, when faced in a similar situation, is to arrive fashionably late. This is because there will be a crowd and you will not be in that situation where the room stops dead in it’s tracks and everyone stares at you as you enter. That is the worst.

The next thing to do, if again you are in this position, is to grab a drink as you go in and walk up to the nearest group of people and open with the following.

“Hi. My name is *insert name here* and I know no-one here, so do you mind if I hang with you for a bit?”

And that is how I met Peter Londey and his wife. Peter is the senior historian at the War Memorial in Canberra, and has written books about war and peace. He gave me some great advice about launching a new book into the market, including how it is important to get someone really high profile to launch it. Naturally I asked him who launched his book and he told me it was Tony Abbott. We talked about my book and I told him that it was about education, so he suggested that I get Christopher Pyne along.

Oh how I laughed!

When you laugh, you release the anxiety charge. I had a brilliant evening meeting a whole heap of interesting people before I started to feel stupendously tipsy and gave myself a red card and took myself off home.

Being an anxious extrovert is hard. People will say to you, “But you seem fine!” or “I would never have guessed…” Oh, but it true.

We are all something. No one is perfect. Everyone has their there thing. And so I ask you, lovely reader….

What sort of person are you?

Do you thrive in a crowd or run screaming for the hills?