My favourite Christmas EVER!

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Yeah that’s me. Sitting on Santa’s lap trying to be so, so, so good that he will give me a pony for Christmas. Didn’t get a pony. But I did get a bike, which is also kind of a big deal.

I must confess that I don’t have many Santa photos with my kids. This is due to the fact that toddler Jack took one look at Santa, and objected in the way little kids tend to do. This means screaming the local Westfield down at each attempt. In the end, it was just not worth it. Ever since, he has been very weary of people dressed up as things. Like Santa, and the Easter Bunny. But that’s a story for another day.

Christmas these days has turned into something akin to an Olympic Competition, with people sharing all of their perfectness on sites like Pinterest and Instagram. It can cause something that I call Festive Domestic Competitiveness Anxiety, or FDCA for short.

Signs that you might be suffering from FDCA include hiring matching tables and chairs from a company to make sure that your extended family all have a proper place to sit. No sitting on eskies and camping chairs at your joint!

You might burst into tears if the pav collapses. You may freak out because the plates are not all the same size in diameter. You could wail because someone didn’t de-vein the prawns in the correct fashion.

You could get super irritated if your 5 page preparation document that you sent out in September, has not been abided by and Uncle Fergus brings his new girlfriend and forgot to let you know.

And all of this is fine! If you recognize yourself as a FDCA sufferer, I have got a tale for you that might help relieve you of some of your stress.

This is where I had my best Christmas ever. The Commercial Hotel in the NSW country town of Young.

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My Aunty Jo and Uncle Macca owned and ran this pub, and the pub was the perfect place for our entire, extended family to get together to celebrate Christmas. I mean, it is a pub. It already had accommodation upstairs which was very fancy, as each of us got our own little soap on the bottom of the bed.

There was a bathroom at the end of the long hall, which the rooms ran off, that had toilets embossed with paper strips claiming that the loo had been CLEANED FOR YOUR PROTECTION!

But the best thing of all was without a doubt, the cousins.

Uncle Macca used to leave coins all over the place, and we would steal a couple of bucks, nick off down to the local bakery and buy neenish tarts. Then we would steal back through the pub, all of us, and climb out the bedroom windows and hook into those tarts, knowing that we would never be sprung.

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Our parents, Nanna and Poppa and all the aunties and uncles never found out. (Well, until now I suspect.) Because they were all busy cooking in the kitchen, preparing all sorts of meals.

Just off the car park, around the back, there was a huge, round above ground pool. We would all get in and create massive whirlpools, which the smaller cousins would get swept up in. Around and around and around they would fly. The uncles would laugh, sucking down cold KB beers before plucking them to safety.

I cannot remember there being a huge big fuss on the actual day. I do however remember being tucked into bed on Christmas Eve and thinking that I would never be able to sleep. But because we had played all day, it really wasn’t a problem.

Slumber came almost instantaneously.

As the loveable and funny Julia Morris brings to life, Christmas is chaos, no matter how much we plan otherwise. It’s loud. It’s crazy. It’s noisy. And it’s perfect just the way it is.

Christmas is not all about handcrafted crackers, finding the perfect Kris Kringle [though this guide will help you] or picking a colour scheme, or a theme. Set up too many rules and regulations, and you are bound to be in for disappointment. Westfield is encouraging you to relax a little this festive season, and make memories, real memories of real fun. To see the joy.

I have had 42 Christmases in my life, and this simple country Christmas has yet to be topped.

Please share your favourite Christmas memory in the comments section below using the hashtag #THISISCHRISTMAS, and you could win a $250 Westfield Gift Card.

So go ahead! Think back.

What was your favourite Christmas?



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