The Power of One

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Greetings from sunny Brisbane where I am lucky enough to be in the delightful company of Nikki, Carly and Chrissy.  These are seriously good bloggers and between the three of them, they have over half a million readers who visit their sites every month.

When you think that Vogue’s circulation is sitting at about 53 thousand readers, it makes this lot even more impressive.

All by themselves…. they’re doing it… ALL BY THEMSELVES……….

Vogue has whole departments! Photographers, editors, art directors,  sales departments, fashion editors, features writers, food directors, stylists, photo-shoppers, graphic designers, coffee getters and mail departments.

All of their sites are so very successful, and it didn’t happen by accident. They write about actual STUFF. Helpful stuff. They answer problems and are considered to be leaders in their niche.

They are also very good teachers.

Carly has already shown me how I can log into the back end of this blog, without having to go to the original email in my hotmail account, that Kelly sent me when she set up the wordpress version of this blog.

I am the worlds most unprofessional professional blogger, and I am ok with that. Sometimes I wonder what I could actually achieve if I followed all the rules, and worked as hard as these 3 ninjas are ab….


The time difference has affected me. It sort of seems that wine time is closer than it actually is. This is a disappointment to say the very least.

Make sure you have a lovely weekend and try not to be an asshole to your parents, kids. (That one is for you Mr. Woog)

When it comes to working hard how do you rate yourself?

Ninja? Drawn to the couch with a bucket of wine? Doing the bare minimum? SPILL!