Living a life half-assed

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Well ok, it was dishonest but the truth be told, I simply could not be assed to swim in that race. It was a really, really cold day. I saw all the other girls turning blue and look, I just couldn’t be bothered.

Mum recently gave me a massive bag containing all of my school reports, from kindy through to Year 12. I have been sifting through them, my jaw agog, wondering how they ever managed not to send me to an orphanage. How in the hell I didn’t end up in prison is anyones guess, but I managed to become anĀ upstanding and contributing memberĀ  middle aged MOMMY BLOGGER in the end.

It’s not bad, this living a life half assed. I should know as I have been doing it for decades now. Not when I was small though. I threw myself with 100% enthusiasm at any given task. I cut in straight lines. I coloured within the shape. I made sentences using my Breakthrough to Literacy folder. I did it all.

And then I became slack. That school I went to up there, never found out that every single cross-country carnival, I would run the first bit and then peel off into someones front garden, where I would sit for a while until the pack returned. Then I would re-join the end of the pack and get my name ticked off as completed. Because I didn’t want to get hot and sweaty and get a stitch.


I am kind of still doing it. Just last week, Huffy Puffy Trainer to the Reluctant made us jog around the block. Half way around, I stopped in front of a garden that I admired all the time. An elderly lady was tending to her plants when I commented on how glorious her work was. She stood up and asked me if I would like to see the back garden.

And just like that. I abandoned my Huffy Puffy Trainer to the Reluctant and spent the next half an hour having a very detailed tour of her backyard, which was basically the most glorious market garden I have seen. She showed me all of the ingredients that she grows to make her daily green smoothies, and told me the evils of pesticides.

Had I been committed to the task at hand, I would never have met Rose, who is now a lovely friend.

When it comes to distractions, are you kind of committed to the task?

Or kind of half assed….