Mrs. Woog visits the Laser Clinic

I got an email from a Laser Clinic a few months ago, asking if I would like to come and have a consultation and a free treatment on my skin. (SEE MEDIA WATCH! DISCLOSURE IS EASY!)

I had just turned 42 and my skin was doing what is was supposed to do, which was to behave like the epidermis of a 42 year old. Which meant hormonal breakouts, stray hairs, dry patches, pores that you could reverse park a bus into and in my case, milia.

A milium (plural milia), also called a milk spot or an oil seed, is a keratin-filled cyst that can appear just under the epidermis


So I thought, why the hell not. I had seen these clinics popping up everywhere and had never given it a go.  And that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Now, every few weeks I trot over to Balmain, here in Sydney, and treat myself to a session with Georgie who has become a really great mate. We discuss milia, kids, holidays, work and all kinds of things as she cleanses, exfoliates and applies a glycollic peel. We talk peptides and stuff and how my skin is now lacking in milia (Hurray) and all sorts of shit.

With my hand on my heart I can tell you that this investment has made a huge difference in my skin. NO MILIA OR BLACKHEADS YO. Excuse the bags.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 9.12.42 am

The secret is a little something called Omnilux. KAK is a fan. This will not be for everyone. If you are claustrophobic, avert your eyes NOW.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 9.15.33 am

Where I am pointing to is where my face enjoys 20 minutes under this (very close) light. It is pretty full on at first, I am not going to lie to you, but after a few minutes it is like you are lying on a beach. I use this time to meditate because HEALTH BLOGGER. If you have pigment issues, this will be your friend. Ditto scarring and just about anything.

I know this sort of treatment is not for everyone, but I have seen a huge difference in my skin. So much so that Mr. Woog asked me just last night to STOP IT WITH THE BOTOX.

No botox. Just light and love from The Butterfly Effect Clinic. If you are in Sydney, you can book a free consultation with them here. 

Have you ever visited a laser clinic?

How would you describe your skin?