The Perils of Personal Blogging


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Is anyone there?

“We know she’s busy, she doesn’t have time to visit lots of different homepages or blogs or even necessarily one every day,” Freedman said.
“She doesn’t want to be pigeonholed as a mum or as anything else. We’ve really seen the twilight year of mummy blogs, mummy blogs are almost over. In fact, personal blogs in general have collapsed in engagement this year.”

My sensible, inner voice is begging me to leave this alone, but my heart says no. My personal blog is in peril! WHERE IS MY GODDAM ENGAGEMENT!

Yesterday Mia Freedman, owner of the media juggernaut that is Mamamia handed out quite the wet fish across the face to thousands of bloggers all over the country. Her business is having a re-alignment, which is all fine and good if you are interested, but she has caused a bit of a fuss while trying to explain it. And you cannot make such sweeping generalisations about online writers without ruffling a few feathers along the way…

This from Emma Healey

RANT ALERT- publicly undermining the influence of bloggers to boost your own stats is getting really old. I mean, I get it, what else do you do when you can no longer use click bait? You stir up the bloggers! It’s the next best thing to click bait. Especially those damned angry, perpetually offended ‘mummy’ bloggers hey?
*Yawn. Man it’s getting old.
*flips bird
*shove it up your arse
*Drops mic

This from Eden Riley

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 9.03.48 am

This from Pip Lincoln

I’m excited that Mia said blogs are dead because NOW I can be a ZOMBIE BLOGGER at long last!!! ‪#‎brainzzzzz‬!

This, from a staff member at Mamamia when I asked her what the fuck was with that statement…

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 9.11.25 am

My thoughts?

*clears throat, cracks knuckles and has a huge swig of coffee*

Blogging is not dead, but it has changed a shit load over the years. Little personal sites have become booming businesses as they move away from their initial intentions and become a website, no longer a blog. Many of these are being run as a one woman operation, who are now competing with huge, media backed sites such as Kidspot and indeed Mamamia. The are pitching for green from the big end of town, and are making waves while doing it. All by themselves.

And then you have the resourceful sites that can help you with problems.

And then you have the storytellers. Like me. Where writing a story becomes such an entrenched part of your soul that you get an itchy neck if you don’t write something down. When you write some thoughts down, and other people read it and reply with “Me too!” you organically build a community of like minded folk who get you. And you get them.

I spend quite a bit of time talking to bloggers in different stages of their journey  blogging and I always try to stress one thing above all else.

Be grateful for that reader. It doesn’t matter of you only have one, or one hundred thousand. Be grateful that they have chosen to spend time reading what you have to say.

Blogging is just an extension of what we women have been doing for hundreds of years. We used to write letters. We used to talk to neighbours over the back fence. And now we share our stories online.

Blogging is not dead. It will never die. It may change over time as it has done so in the past 5 years, and it will get bigger. The internet is vast and although you may be just one voice, there is room enough for you.

Mummy blogging. Is it dead?

And why the fuck are we even still using that term?