The Perils of Personal Blogging


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Is anyone there?

“We know she’s busy, she doesn’t have time to visit lots of different homepages or blogs or even necessarily one every day,” Freedman said.
“She doesn’t want to be pigeonholed as a mum or as anything else. We’ve really seen the twilight year of mummy blogs, mummy blogs are almost over. In fact, personal blogs in general have collapsed in engagement this year.”

My sensible, inner voice is begging me to leave this alone, but my heart says no. My personal blog is in peril! WHERE IS MY GODDAM ENGAGEMENT!

Yesterday Mia Freedman, owner of the media juggernaut that is Mamamia handed out quite the wet fish across the face to thousands of bloggers all over the country. Her business is having a re-alignment, which is all fine and good if you are interested, but she has caused a bit of a fuss while trying to explain it. And you cannot make such sweeping generalisations about online writers without ruffling a few feathers along the way…

This from Emma Healey

RANT ALERT- publicly undermining the influence of bloggers to boost your own stats is getting really old. I mean, I get it, what else do you do when you can no longer use click bait? You stir up the bloggers! It’s the next best thing to click bait. Especially those damned angry, perpetually offended ‘mummy’ bloggers hey?
*Yawn. Man it’s getting old.
*flips bird
*shove it up your arse
*Drops mic

This from Eden Riley

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 9.03.48 am

This from Pip Lincoln

I’m excited that Mia said blogs are dead because NOW I can be a ZOMBIE BLOGGER at long last!!! ‪#‎brainzzzzz‬!

This, from a staff member at Mamamia when I asked her what the fuck was with that statement…

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 9.11.25 am

My thoughts?

*clears throat, cracks knuckles and has a huge swig of coffee*

Blogging is not dead, but it has changed a shit load over the years. Little personal sites have become booming businesses as they move away from their initial intentions and become a website, no longer a blog. Many of these are being run as a one woman operation, who are now competing with huge, media backed sites such as Kidspot and indeed Mamamia. The are pitching for green from the big end of town, and are making waves while doing it. All by themselves.

And then you have the resourceful sites that can help you with problems.

And then you have the storytellers. Like me. Where writing a story becomes such an entrenched part of your soul that you get an itchy neck if you don’t write something down. When you write some thoughts down, and other people read it and reply with “Me too!” you organically build a community of like minded folk who get you. And you get them.

I spend quite a bit of time talking to bloggers in different stages of their journey  blogging and I always try to stress one thing above all else.

Be grateful for that reader. It doesn’t matter of you only have one, or one hundred thousand. Be grateful that they have chosen to spend time reading what you have to say.

Blogging is just an extension of what we women have been doing for hundreds of years. We used to write letters. We used to talk to neighbours over the back fence. And now we share our stories online.

Blogging is not dead. It will never die. It may change over time as it has done so in the past 5 years, and it will get bigger. The internet is vast and although you may be just one voice, there is room enough for you.

Mummy blogging. Is it dead?

And why the fuck are we even still using that term?

  • ranilou

    This from a woman who wont pay her writers (apparently you can eat ‘exposure’) – the same women who has been paid for every word since she did work experience at age 19.

    • That changed a few years ago. They pay $50 for a post.

      • ranilou

        you are fukin kidding, that’s not payment, that’s an insult.

  • Anyone want to start a zombie bloggers collective? 🙂

  • Ms_MotorbikeNut

    I hate the term mummy blogging (and even daddy blogging gets thrown out there when you come across a dad blog doing the same)

    I rather love the name parent blog as it sounds heaps better and anyone can be a parent these days it’s not just bio or step parents who are parents any more

    Business blogs are dead to me I love personal blogs (like yours) they rock my world rather read them then say media blogs

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  • Josephine

    I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about whether what I’m reading is a ‘mummy blog’ or not. My favourite blogs are the storytelling ones. I love stories! Storytelling is as old as the hills! The method of delivery may have changed, but there will always be an audience for a story. Mrs Woog, you are a particularly fine storyteller, so as long as you and the blog community are spinning tales, I’ll be reading.

  • Thank you Mrs Woog and Eden Riley for responding to Mia Freedman’s inflammatory and self-serving statements on my behalf. You have expressed my sentiments perfectly. From another “Motherfuckerblogger” ?

  • Tracey

    I read a lot of blogs, and I think I can safely say not one of them is a mummy blog, as I don’t really even know what that means. As I said on your FB page, I think MM are freaking out about losing their audience, and that’s happened because of MM. It’s nothing to do with the death of blogging.

  • Mummy bloggers are not dead. Blogging is not dead. That’s like saying that the internet is going to shut down. As a fellow blogger I take offence to such a statement that Mia Freedman has made. Clearly her PR is not doing a good job.

  • I am loving all of the comments over Mia’s announcement. I hate the term mummy blogger with a passion. Good storytelling, AKA blogging, will never be dead because people want to read GOOD stories.

  • Heidi D

    I read lots of different blogs. I have my favourites that I check every day & others that I look at weekly/fortnightly/occasionally. They cover a wide range of stuff I am interested in. Some of them talk about parenting type stuff but it seems that anyone that writes a blog & happens to have children is a mummyblogger & this is aimed at them as some sort of insult ! I don’t want a site with everything on. I like to pick & chose the content & writing style/personality that I enjoy. Why wade through endless stuff that doesn’t interest me when I can just click straight to a blog that I know will be a good read.

  • So not dead. Perhaps in the model that they present content maybe but SO NOT DEAD. In fact I would probably argue that it is more alive than ever. That said I prefer to read published writing (I hate the word blog it kind of sounds like something you do in a loo!) that resonates with me in some way and that I connect with. I love your writing, your style works for me even when I might not agree (which I doubt ever happens!) you write in such a way that it is hard to not still love you. Your community is so awesome that even when we might disagree with each other we manage to respectfully share this with each other and it very rarely requires spankytown. I used to love the Mamamia site when it was small and the content was real but I have long since stopped even reading or looking at content there because frankly it got so bloody difficult to find anything.

    It also started to feel a little bit like it was a site that grew out of a gap in the market that was presenting information and a fun and informative way to women in that childbearing/rearing age mid 20s-mid 40s that was less like cleo and cosmo but more relevant to the stage in life we are at. FWIW I believe the issue for MM is that they forgot their original target market and tried to make the AWW more like Dolly and frankly the AWW readers aren’t interested in Dolly.

    But enough about her and MM, I think personal online writing is probably bigger than ever especially with those who have a good and most importantly real connection with their readers. Sure this is not always going to be possible especially as writers get bigger followings but in my humble opinion they are the sites that are going to be the most successful. Anyway, it can’t die I am just getting into it lol … I have a tiny site I write mostly for myself about all sorts of things and I am chuffed if anyone reads it!

    You, Eden and so many others just keep on doing your do and you will always have a place!

  • Can we at least hold a funeral while we think about it? Because then we could have a wake and drink lots of wine and eat food and natter about blogging… Then three days later we could have a miracle resurrection – with more wine and food. HALLELUJAH! PRAISE BE TO BLOGGING!

    • I think wine and cheese is important for the grieving process even if we don’t end up dead. Better to do it to be on the safe side.

      • tcormack

        Best comments

    • Lara at This Charming Mum

      Sounds good to me!

    • I like your style 🙂

  • Kristie

    Mama Mia: Cash Cow. She doesn’t have my power to follow her ‘trend’. I value and respect humanness. That’s why I read your stuff

  • amanda

    Personally, I love “motherf*ckerblogger” (good wood Eden) sites as opposed to Mia’s junkey, trashey, click bait juggernaut. Woogsworld, Babymac etc are so much more than “a woman is making bread with the yeast from her vagina……” type story that Mamamia continues to think we’re interested in. Pfffft to them. Give me a Dafni review any day over that twaddle 😉

  • If I’m dead, who the fuck has eaten all the Maltesers??

    • tcormack

      * snort laugh
      I love reading Woogs reader comments like this one

    • Maltesers life expectancy 0

      First time here following a link from GOMI. I want to create an account to show my appreciation for this laugh out loud comment.

      • tcormack

        Maltesers life expectancy you are just as funny! I keep coming back here to Mrs Woog for another laugh

      • Julie is hilarious!

  • Angie

    I think Mia said that because she decided she didn’t want to blog personally any more and wanted to recreate the magazine world that she comes from on-line. Which is exactly what she has done. She probably meant to say ‘I got bored with blogging, couldn’t make any money off it and wanted to build an empire so I did something else’, which is absolutely what she has done.

    Also, she is renowned for not wanting personal connections with people and using others (for want of a better word) to get ahead in life, and that really doesn’t work with the whole engagement side of personal blogging.

  • Evil Genius Mum

    Personally, I would be bloody ecstatic if “mummy blogging” is dead. I hate the term!! Perhaps now groups like Mama Mia will stop trying to shove their sensational-writing down our throats and allow readers to read walkathon they want. The appeal of blogging is finding out you are not alone – as a writer and a reader. While we still have communities like this, blogging will grow.

  • Donna

    Strangely for someone who reads absolutely everything inc the Herald Sun. I dont read Mamamia.

    I love blogs. I care about the amusement value for me. I dont care who writes it and what their familial status is.

    Why dont we just say Blogger??

    *also read The Age, so brain is fine

  • Your blogs are always so informative, now I know more Latin. I shall drop it into conversation more often now.

  • Kate 76

    Thank God someone said it.

  • Blogging certainly isn’t dead and I don’t know how she can say this considering this is where she gets the majority of her content from…..

  • Deb

    I know this is going to sound pretty bloody obvious but the internet needs content. And people need to tell their stories. Blogs are a conduit, in the same way any other visual medium is (magazines, newspapers, journals) for those stories. The best blogs broadcast wonderful content and enable a unique community experience, and allow people to find their tribe of like-minded souls. No wonder anyone who has told their stories online or joined a niche bloggy tribe feels a bit wounded by Mia’s rather callous statements. Clearly the Mamamia website is having a strategic revamp – no doubt in response to issues with their current roll-out of material through multiple channels. That’s great for them, but why in the process did they have to predict the demise of all personal blogging (an entirely different business model)?

  • Perfectly said.

  • mumabulous

    Mummy blogging reached its zenith when the Mumabs published that 12 Hunks Of Christmas post almost a year ago to this day! For all her business acumen and media savvy, Mia Freedman does not realize that all she needs to do is photoshop Santa hats onto shirtless hunks and add puerile slogans like “joy to the world” and “ho ho ho”. Thats the stuff that drives engagement off the charts. :-0

  • Beautifully said Mrs W. Blogging certainly has changed and will continue to but I know I’m reading and enjoying many more personal and ‘mummy’ blogs than ever before and much much less of mamamia. Xx

  • Blogging is only dead if it’s not treated as a living organism and allowed to change and grow. Like any creative endeavour.

    This is just typical Mia self-promoting her “emperors new app” anyone who can’t see things the way she does mustn’t be clever enough (in her opinion).

    As for women not wanting to be niched / pigeonholed she gets totally contradicted by Kylie Rogers talking about the plan to sell targeted advertising to sub-demographics of the sites.

    “They will be able to buy space within Mamamia that is dedicated to a Glow audience or a Debrief audience or a Motherish audience,” she said.

  • Such a ploy for attention. I sort of wish more people had ignored it. But then, conversations like this don’t happen. And you know me, always excited to have my say.

    Do I think personal blogging is dead? Nope. Not by a long shot. Like Eden said, lots to be said, expressed, share, reported on and delivered online, people are just consuming it differently. Again. The interwebs, she’s a changing. Always.

    Do I think personal blogging is going through a shift in the opportunities that are available to generate an income? Yes, I absolutely do. I think as the reader tires of the generated sponsored and editorial content, commercial opportunities will move more and more offsite and be reserved for fewer and fewer as required numbers/stats continue to grow. 100k today, 200k tomorrow… The bar continues to move and for most of us it will always be out of reach. Something we hope for but never make it. A mirage of sorts. And with that said, I think commercially, which can be the only reference that Mia can make as her site hasn’t been a personal blog in a number of years, she’s probably right. Or at very least, might be right if things continue as they are.

    Do I think Mummy blog is a term used to minimise the powerful voices of women online? Of course. Not a Mum and it makes my skin call. So cutesy.

  • kel

    Agree – blogging will not be dead as long as interesting content is provided.
    I will say, that the only blogs I read are the ones where I feel respected and valued. And you, Mrs Woog, are excellent at that. You really find a great balance at making people feel valued and heard. There is one blogger that I won’t name who asked for opinions on FB then didn’t bother responding at all. Another time she asked for help with something and I took a lot of time out of my day to respond with a really long, heartfelt email sharing my experiences and three weeks later have not heard anything.
    That is a blog I will no longer read. You, however Mrs Woog, are doing a brilliant job.

  • Brilliant. As was Eden’s comment. Applause.

  • Lana (Sharpest Pencil)

    Stand to applaud.

  • *claps and cheers * for Mrs Woog. *boo hiss * for Mia xxx

  • Cee Muminthehood

    “Blogging is just an extension of what we women have been doing for hundreds of years. We used to write letters. We used to talk to neighbours over the back fence. And now we share our stories online.” Bravo! I have only started my blog this year, but I am a writer, I’ve always been a writer and I will continue to share, because I have to, it’s part of my soul. It’s not something that comes and goes ‘on trend’.

  • I’m pretty confused because if it’s all so dead, why do I have more readers and more engagement than ever?

    I am BEYOND grateful for my readers. Not only because they’ve taken the time to visit and comment, but because they’re actually just really awesome people and I feel like they’re my friends.

    I write because I love it. I write because I feel like other people enjoy what I do and that makes me happy. I write because I love the community I’m building. I also write because it has started giving me opportunities like freelancing and podcasting that wouldn’t have happened without my blog.

    I used to write for Mia. I’m so glad I don’t anymore. She’s all about the clicks and doesn’t care about the quality of the content. It’s a real shame.

  • Carolyn

    I’ve never actually thought of you as a Mummy blogger anyway. You’re just a blogger to me so you will live on forever!!!

  • I’ve tried to think of something clever and witty to say, but all I’ve got is this: I agree with you, Mrs Woog. I agree whole-honest-heartedly. x

  • Eden’s grasp of ancient Latin language is exceptional. As are you my friend. Keep on blogging. The world needs blogs. x

    • Nikki, thank you for the acknowledgement of my fine Latin skills! I studied Latin in year seven for one term. Learnt HEAPS.

      And oh, your engagement and reach and business skills and public speaking etc etc … you GO. Fucking awesome work. Xxxx

  • its funny after all this Mia stuff…I’ve probably read MORE blog posts than I ever have before. So I would say a few blogs have gone gang busters after this. I personally feel like blogs and social media are bigger than ever. I would prefer to hire a blogger to advertise my business or review it or do anything with it over any other source of advertising. So as far as blogging as a business goes, more companies are trusting and hiring bloggers to represent them over old school ways. And people are understanding blogging a lot more and relate to it and love it. So no Mia. I think you’re wrong, and by pissing off the blogging community, you probably fucked with the wrong gang.

    • Sharon Chisholm

      Yeah, I want to be part of your gang!!

  • I’ve never been a mummy blogger because I’m a blogger. I blog to connect. I starred a blog at the loneliest time of my life after retiring from work in education. I remain a blogger as I like to share & my loneliness is less when I have a reader comment & I get to have a conversation back with my reply. Telling my stories & being connected. I have blogger daily in 2015 since leaning family & Sydney for our new life & there have been days if I didn’t have the blog & the commitment to post daily I would have been down the “black” hole of sadness. Thank you & your wise confreres for this post & BLOG ON! Xx

    • Debyl1

      I totally agree with you Denyse.I became a reader of blogs when I was at my lowest,when my mum deteriorated and went into a nursing home.
      I would have been lost without the beautiful online communities I found.
      Blogs were and still are a much needed shining light that helps keep the darkness away.
      I thank each and every one of you and I will forever be grateful for the open arms of comfort and understanding I have always received.
      Mrs Woog you are a rare and precious gem.
      Thankyou just does not feel enough.Xx

  • Goddess

    Boy! Talk about women climbing on each other with their stilettos to stay on top. Shame on Mia.

  • Storytelling will never die. And blogs are a GREAT way to tell a story – so from that point of view, I can’t see why personal blogging would be dead, or dying. It’s such an overdramatic statement. Like you say – it CHANGES! I spend less time blogging these days, but I know as soon as I have a minute, I’ll be straight back on my blog, because it has been so good to me, and I love the connections I have made through my blog. And like you, I need to scratch that storytelling itch.

  • Brainzzzzzzz!!!!!

  • merilyn

    thanks mrs woog! …
    where did they get the term mummy blogger! it’s enough to put anyone off!
    i’m not a blogger, but I read interesting blogs, in preference to horrific news!
    I enjoy reading different points of view, having a laugh or whatever else is happening! variety is the spice of life and that’s what makes life diverse!
    I like connecting with other women, I always have! … we get each other! it’s a support network in my eyes! …
    it is a perfect platform for me to have some input and interplay via the comments section!
    I have noticed that at this time of the year when people get busy not as many people comment!
    I don’t work and I have the time! … it suits me to a tee!
    tickety tick from me! thanks guys! love m:)X
    great comment from eden!X

  • tcormack

    Great read Mrs Woog. I love your readers comments. After reading woogsworld and all the comments I feel as if I have been out for lunch with friends. This is what reading blogs means to me. I have not read anything on Mia’s site for years. Say no more.

  • Perhaps Mia is noticing a decrease in her engagement because when it comes to quality content you get what you *pay* for.

  • Selby

    Clickbaiting as always;)

  • Engagement and readership is down on MamaMia because lots of readers, me included, got fed up to the back teeth with all the bullshit articles and sensationalism and left. It’s not even a blog, more like a tabloid. And if I get called a “mummy blogger” one more time…! Especially by another woman! Just because I am a female blogger who happens to have pushed small humans out of her uterus. IS MY VAGINA SOMEHOW ATTACHED TO MY KEYBOARD??!!??

  • Absofriggenlutely Mrs Woog.
    Blogs are far from dead. People come to blogs because they connect with the conversations the author has with them, rather than being drip fed click bait posts purely for numbers and lack in basic editing.

  • vegemitevix

    Great minds and all that. I wrote this little number a few weeks back after hearing the news from the UK that Blogging is Dead. I suspect the news of its demise is greatly exaggerated. Here’s to you and the other brilliant Storytellers Woogie Woog! x

  • Ah Mrs Woog, interesting, insightful and I think so true … she didn’t say ‘Old Fart’ blogging was dead though did she, so I reckon I’m okay for a few years then.

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    Mia freakin Freedman shits me! What a sweeping statement, hang on why am I surprised at her click bait headline?! How ironic that she’s pushing an app to go with her new site. Crawl away Mia, blogging will never be dead! Oh and ‘mummy blogger’?…I’m a mum but would never preface anything I do with the term ‘mummy’. Weird!

  • Virginia Maywald

    I felt so strongly about the power blogging gives women that I wrote three ‘Mommy Porn’ novels about it. My heroine finds her voice and builds an empire to rival any of the media dinosaurs…wishful thinking!?? I did things a bit arse about tit and only started blogging after I wrote the books! I write under a pseudonym and blog at

  • You know that saying about women leaving the door open for the others who come along after them? This feels like Mia slamming that door in a whole lot of faces and clicking the locks into place.

    • Yeah but we all had our own keys cut before she tuned the deadlock!

  • Fucking love you for writing this! Thank you. Your voice is powerful.

    • Aslo – Did Mamamia and Dooce join forces. Seem to be saying the same thing from their giant platforms.

      • That was my first thought too Jess .

  • Dylan

    You jelly?

  • AA96726

    I don’t do mamamia, never been there. Visit Edenland and her blog roll every day… The back fence is a perfect description of why. (I don’t often participate, so maybe hiding behind my sheets that are hanging on the line listening to brilliant funny ladies who are talking across the back fence is more truthful.) You all put the experience of motherhood into words and stories and I get it, and I’m relieved to not be alone in my experience of wondering if my entire family is blind or just blind to empty toilet paper rolls.

  • Sharon Chisholm

    I might be new to blogging myself, but as far as reading them goes, I am a die hard fan. Blogs such as yours lovely Mrs Woog, Jayde at Little Paper Lane, Nikki at Styling You, Sonia at Life, Love and Hiccups, Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim, Cathy at Mummyhaze, Eden at Edenland and Sarah at A Beach Cottage, to name but a very few of the ones I read avidly. Working from home, at my desk, behind my computer, reading blogs such as these are a way for me to feel connected to others who share similar values, struggles and beliefs. Connection is such a vital part of life and reading the experiences of others tells me I’m not alone. Love what you have to say about this and I think people are sick to death of the “blogs” who are nothing more than advertising platforms. Give me real people any day of the week. xxx

  • Didn’t Dooce already say this anyway? Talk about old news.

    Guess what? I just keep writing anyway. Because WRITING.

  • Jo

    I stopped reading Mamamia because of the shitty editing and sensationalising the word vagina..’ my vagina is hairy’ ‘my vagina is ugly’ Nup. I’ll read blogs that are interesting

    • one-time-commenter

      And it was never actually about vaginas.

  • Sam8

    I used to love Mamamia – lots of interesting articles and interactive posts. Then it changed format and became more tabloid and it lost it’s community feel. I think Mia may have lost touch a little. Anyway, go Mrs Woog! You are a legend and always make me smile (and often a bit more normal!)

  • amanda Matthews

    I hope it’s not dead I’m a “newbie” to the whole world of passing time reading blogs – love love love it – such variety and different opinions and especially the laughs.

    • Clare Keogh

      Me too!

  • Seriously, let’s talk about the real issue here – Melissa George was fucking fantastic as Angel. Remember her bubble skirt at the Logies? Hey whatever happened to Dieter Brummer? Anyway all of this intelligent conversation has made my mummy clitoris engorge so I’m off for a mummy climax. Great chat Mrs Woog. Xxxx

    • They’ve been replaying the Shane and Angel episodes on the teev! #nostalgia

    • MsLBD

      OMG Eden… pissing myself laughing. THIS is why ‘Mummy’ Bloggers will never die

  • Is Mia just taking Heather’s speech and repackaging it for pr gain? I think so. Also the irony that many blogging courses tell you that in order to make money/be successful you need to niche down yet Mia is telling us niche sites are dead. Oh god what do we do? I think everyone’s story is different and if you do your own thing and tell your own story the way you want to then you’ll attract the readers who are interested in it. The end. {Plus what Mia does isn’t blogging in my opinion}.

  • I was wondering what you might write, didn’t get to read last night. On the money as usual. Good quality content will never go out of style of reach…..?

  • I didn’t realise people even used that term any more. Not anyone that knows what they are going on about anyway. Spot on as always, thanks for saying what we are all thinking.

  • What is sad is that the “pivot” or “restructure” or whatever is being done here could have been achieved without the disparaging remarks… but I guess it wouldn’t have got as much press or strong reactions!

  • Typical. I finally get to the point where I can spend some time blogging, rather than slaving corporately. And BAM! It’s all over. Never mind, my 2 loyal readers – the cat and my mum – won’t have heard Mia’s pronouncements, so it’s unlikely they will tune out. My mum will keep reading. Because she’s my mum. Oscar the cat? I’ll just mention sardines more regularly…

  • The internet has changed, print media is dead, digital media is where it’s at, maybe Mia’s digital media team can’t keep up with the changes so decided to start a media storm and slam the mummy bloggers? Onya Mamamia!

  • MsLBD

    So if we are a digital world and no longer relying on pen and paper or tin cans and string to converse, why would women using a modern day medium to natter about all matter of things be dying? We can talk under water so I don’t see how or why something that facilitates this and the content can be filtered according to the need or mood of the day would be kaput. Especially in a demographic (you know women of a certain age) who aren’t really in to Apps to ‘communicate’? Or am I totally wrong about the apps and am a cyber dinosaur?

  • Wendy

    Hell I am going on my first overseas holiday (since 2011) next year with you and I can’t possibly be looking forward to it more. I lost interest in MAmawhatever years ago when all the bitchiness started. Please don’t ever stop writing!!

  • Well said. As long as we get enjoyment and connection our of writing and reading blogs they will never die.

  • Great blog and great analysis. It can be such a competitive world out there trying to compete with the big businesses and finding your tribe online. Hopefully people will see the clickbait for what it is and tire of it!

  • Maltesers life expectancy 0

    I said it further below. It’s my first time here from GOMI and have been reading through some of the articles to get a sense of the topics and content. I think I like it here.

  • Tanya

    Great post as always, Mrs Woog. I’m about to enter the blogging world over the next few months, and I’m happy to say I don’t care two hoots what Mia says. Rock on, I say. Your blog is tops.

  • Clare Keogh

    Interesting. What i want to know is why there has to be this competition? Hmm. I think you answered that above. Still…Mi-aaaaa, no. I follow plenty of blogs. I think quite a few of them are one-person ops. You know why I follow? Because. I. Like. Them.
    If they insist on using ‘mummyblogger’, perhaps I’m a ‘uniblogger’? I’m in my early 20s and at uni after all. I have no kids – plenty of cousins though – and my topics are varies, from fandoms to writing (fiction)/ wanna-be author-ing to social justice-ing (especially refugee treatment)….. I write because I *want* to. I like it when people answer me in the comments, but even when they don’t I still do it because I need to. I’ve been doing it for a year now and i don’t plan to stop.

  • Mia Freedman

    Well, that escalated quickly (insert emoji with wide eyes or perhaps The Scream one). You guys know I love bloggers and was one for a long time. Lots of people are reacting to what they heard I said rather than what I did say – two sentences in an hour long presentation by 6 people about a whole lot of different things. M x

    • Ex MM Guest

      Gosh, Mia taken out of context? Again? How unfair!

      And look! Mrs Woog gets over 100 comments for her article. MM lucky to get a dozen, these days. Whose readers are more engaged, do you think?

      Blogging = COMMUNITY. Mamamia = click bait for cash.

      • Ex MM Guest

        And… forgot to add… Mrs Woog’s site actually WORKS (kudos for running a tight ship). No dropouts, no delays, no free clicks every time this happens, that undoubtedly form part of MM’s figures for people visiting. What, me cynical?

    • one-time-commenter

      It’s a shame you published Mia’s comment. You should have applied the same sort of “criticism not allowed” moderation that all-too-often gets applied at her place.

      I commented at MM for over two years, mainly on pro-vax stories (in support, of course) but was banned for daring to criticise Mia on one of her many “I’m not to blame” articles where she expressed dismay that people might be outraged (yes, outrage – at MM?!?!) by something she said.

      How many times can she be “taken out of context” before she realises, it’s her context that’s at fault.

  • kerryac

    I found you via other websites (possibly Mamamia) but now very rarely visit Mamamia and see what you are writing about every week. Love your blog, your world view and your sense of humour!!

    • I am very happy to have you here Kerry x

  • Thanks Mrs Woog! Wonderful summation of one big Hoo Haa as usual… We are social creatures living in a world where connecting with others on a digital level has become an important part of life. For some, an integral one. The ability to share stories and ideas, emotions at all points of the spectrum and the odd “WTF is this???” is never going to die out. It’s going to change -absolutely- but mummy blogging is not dead.

    And I love your blog!

  • That was one HUGE swing of coffee you had there! With a couple of serves of big-fat mother of them all muffins. Good one Mrs Woog! And for the record, Melissa George on Home and Away was the reason I permed my hair and bought a Bubble Skirt from Sportsgirl. How dare she deny me my heritage!

  • Previous ER Fan

    Eden Riley’s blog is dead – no longer active, she is no longer relevant.

    • Because she is not blogging at the moment she is not relevant? What a strange thing to say.

  • Ghostwriter14

    I think that Eden Riley’s ‘blog’ has unfortunately become an overly indulgent exercise in her receiving validation for whatever disaster is going on in her life.There is no actual intelligent discourse anymore, there is no more posing of a question or discussion. Just the same issues, the same problems, and the same narcissistic rambling. Lets not forget the use of other people’s quotes, quotes and more quote!. At the end of the day I agree with you she is simply not relevant because we have heard it all before. She has not received any serious recognition for 4 years now and is not called upon to opine on public affairs in any way. I have nothing against her blog if that’s your thing, but is she still relevant? I am afraid not.

  • This is too good! Blogging is not dead, its still where i frequent most apart form Instagram (insert scream face)..