Why I blocked Mr. Woog from Instagram

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It was a warm, sunny day when I found myself at Birkenhead Point in Drummoyne.

For those who do not know, Birkenhead Point is a lovely outlet centre on the waters of Parramatta River. I don’t go very often, but when I do, Mr. Woogs spidey senses get set off, wherever he may be. Because I tend to spend a bit there…… #bargain

The phone rings.

“Hi…” I answer

Small talk ensues before he asks where I was, because clearly I was out and about due to background noise. I was actually in the Food Hall about to eat the worlds best Doner Kebab. I didn’t want to tell him I was at Birko, because I didn’t particularly want a spontaneous lecture on our budget. That is what happens when a creative marries someone who works in finance. So I told him I was at the RTA in Chatswood, and running other errands.

It is just easier that way sometimes. #lie

I hung up the phone and started eating that kebab. It was SO FUCKING GOOD and FRESH and HOT and DELICIOUS that I couldn’t contain my joy. So of course I had to share my happiness on Instagram. I also tagged where I was because I am dedicated to sharing excellence with others.

Mr. Woog was obviously on Instagram at that moment, and left a comment telling my followers that I was deceitful.

A short text message fight later and he had pissed me off so much I HIT THE BLOCK  BUTTON ON MY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT!

Sometimes I get interviewed about social media, and the journo might ask about trolls. I tell them that I only have one, who goes by the self-appointed name of Director of Romance & Finance. Aka. Mr. Woog.

By the way, he is still blocked. Mainly because I don’t know how to unblock someone.

Follow me on instagram here. I take photos of kebabs.

Did I do the right thing?

Or should you NEVER lie?