Are you a social traveller?

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Mum allows and extra 20 minutes to get through security screenings.

Yesterday myself, Mum, Horatio and Cousin Rose stepped aboard our flight to Singapore with no incident, which is very rare for me. Usually I like to forget my flight, lose my passport and or lose a child, but having Mum here, who is a seasoned traveller and had all the passports on her person, meant that the drama didn’t follow me.


We took our seats. I had us together yet slightly scattered because I didn’t want to wear out the welcome of each others company within the first 9 hours. I sat next to a man who fell sleep and stayed asleep for the entire flight.


Mum, a seasoned conversationalist, sat next to anther seasoned traveller and off they went, on the talking olympics. Things were looking perfect, especially as our flight attendant Brett, proved to be just about the most gorgeous person on earth! Mum quickly charmed him, he charmed her back and within 10 minutes of take off, me, Mum and Mums new friend had an icy cold gin and tonic in our hand, which was poured generously.

I started watching a movie (Trainwrecked. Two Star at best) when Mum leant across the isle and tapped me on my arm.

“Darling, do you know a teacher at the boys school called Mrs. XXXX?”

“Yes,” I said. “She was Horatio’s teacher from a few years ago”

And that is how I met the husband of Horatio’s teacher from a few years ago. Sitting next to my Mum. Drinking.

The world, although she be big, she be small.

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