Kind and Happy!

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At the beginning of last year, I deemed 2015 to be the year of PATIENCE. In fact, it was one year ago to this very day that I wrote about it. It was an interesting exercise, and one that was not always successful. Like asking Mr. Woog to change lightbulbs every fucking day which never happened. Or to fix one of the dining chairs. I know, I could probably do it, but I do too much as it is. I think.

(Packs the dishwasher and turns it on.)

It is not in my nature to be patient, but it is beneficial for my mental well being, so I will continue to walk behind stupid slow gits meandering folk at shopping centres.

But now we have a fresh new year, and a new word or behaviour to focus on. Here is my shortlist.

  • tolerance
  • kindness
  • positivity
  • commitment
  • commitment to carbs
  • commitment to turning up on time
  • non-judgemental-ness
  • happiness

Tolerance is too much like patience, and I have done that. I shall always be committed to carbs, and I am quite punctual. I am working on my non-judgemental-ness as part of my long game although sometimes that can be trying. I have scrapped positivity because although I do admire it in others, sometimes I like a good old rant. I believe that if you are happy, you are a kind person to others, so I think I will stick with those traits.

Yes, I am becoming one of THOSE people. Or I can believe in Albert Schweitzer when he wrote… “Happiness is nothing more than health and a poor memory.” Cheers to you Al.

When it comes to your own good person, what are YOU going to be this year?

Less cranky? More adventurous? Release your inner sex-kitten? SPILL!