Are we turning into the nation of the perpetually offended?

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This week has been an interesting one as far as women in the media. On one hand, we have a prominent Liberal Front Bencher calling a senior female journo a “mad fucking witch” and now we have a sportsman openly flirting with a female reporter, with perhaps the cheesiest lines ever uttered. Seriously dude.

And of course these things are reported and it spreads like wildfire. So people react, much like I am doing right now, to join in the debate. This is because people like to have an opinion and voice it. Fine by me.

*cracks knuckles*

This is not a woman versus man issue. It is an issue of acceptance. People individually draw their line in the sand as to what can be considered a lark, or something more offensive.

As far as Peter Dutton is concerned, I too have done something similar. But then again, I am not one of our country’s leaders. I suppose it is good to know that he is not the only politician who can drop the odd f-bomb. (Nods to Mr. Rudd) You are lucky you and Samantha Maiden have the camaraderie that you apparently do. Still, think before you text.

Cricketer Chris Gayle took it too far when he said to reporter Mel McLaughlin “Don’t blush baby…” as well as other disastrous lines. To be honest, a little bit of bile erupted in my mouth. Some thought she should be flattered? And then you get reactions, such as this one….

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Nice one Phil! You are so coming to my next dinner party. We have lots to discuss.

As far as history has been documented, both women AND men have experienced sexual harassment of some kind. Why, even me….

Last year, our entire suburb’s streets were being dug up for the NBN rollout, and so there were plenty of workmen and women on the streets. You kind of got used to it. One day, I went for a walk in my huffy puffy gear. I walked passed a group who were having their smoko and as I got closer, I just knew that something was going to go down.

“Nice tits…”

Bang. There it was. (And the thing is that I have 42-year-old ex breastfeeding boobs, so he was somewhat deluded as well as being moronic)

So I walked over to him and his colleagues and asked him to repeat what he just said. And he wouldn’t. He went bright red and stammered some sort of shit. I just stood in front of him and enquired as to whether he had commented on my breasts. He said he hadn’t. Everyone was extremely uncomfortable, except for me.

I felt very empowered. I mean, fuck that for a joke. I am not taking that sort of crap from anyone.

“Ok then lads! Have a great day…” and off I went.

Are we turning into the nation of the perpetually offended? I don’t think so.

I think that we are becoming a nation that can recognise when things are not acceptable, and we are not afraid to call out bullshit when it happens. As I say, my boundaries might be different to yours. But when someone steps over them, I shall not remain silent.

Are we turning into the nation of the perpetually offended?

Or should we remain silent.