More mouths to feed

For Christmas Horatio was gifted a large fish tank from his Grandma. This morning the fish tank was set up, and yes. We have more mouths to feed.

Years ago, pre-babies, Mr. Woog and I had a fish. His name was Gary. He was just a normal goldfish, hardy and strong. Gary grew and grew so much so, that we had to upgrade his tank twice. He lived for several years and passed away while being fish sat by a mate while we were on our honeymoon in Vietnam. It was very sad news to come home to.

So now we have these guys, a whole team of new Woogs it seems.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 1.39.33 pm

These, I suspect, are not sturdy fish. They require intense regulations with regards to aquatic conditions. As I watched them swim around, I decided that I would not get too attached to them.

“Rest in peace….” I whispered only to discover that Horatio was standing right behind me, and he immediately lost his shit at me. I apologised profusely and told him that he had all of these new little lives in his hands, and what a huge responsibility it was blah, blah, blah…..

So we are slowly turning this joint into a zoo. Apparently all of the guppies are up the duff. Heaven help me.

Anyone had any success with tropical fish?

PS. The cat is delighted with this turn of events.