The Big Wet

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Current Conditions

Like many who live on the east coast of Australia, we are stuck indoors due to unprecedented rainfall. It can get so heavy that at some points I cannot make out the front fence.

Mr. Woog is calling it RAINAGEDDON for there is typical rain, and then there is torrential downpours. It is making toilet training Isobel exceedingly hard.

But I will not complain. Instead I will direct my empathy to campers. And people who had paid big bucks for holiday houses.

Yesterday, I waited for the rain to subside before I went out to run errands and take the kids to some sort of indoor activity. It never stopped pissing down, so out we went.

I chose Laser Skirmish because it provides a legitimate and safe place for them to continue their quest to maim each other. Once our jobs were done, which included the consumption of a delicious, hot, fresh cheeseburger. (The trick is to ask for extra onion. This results in super hot burger. You are welcome) we caught the lift up to Laser Killing Level. Which was level 4.


The lift doors opened to reveal the entire population of the North Shore gathered in one large, darkened room. Eventually I found someone in the company uniform, who told me that it was a 4 hour wait for maim-ment.

We made our disappointed retreat. I was quite sad too, as laser skirmish is a great stress relief. I have been known to take myself off on the odd occasion, and fight gangs of teenaged boys. None of them really want me on their team until they see me in action. I am a crack shot and thanks to Huffy Puffy, can hold my own lasting at least a few minutes before hiding in my secret spot to catch my breath.

We came home and did fuck all.

This morning a kindly school Mum called and offered to take them to the aquatic centre. There is a God! Her name is Susie.

But over to you….

Where are you right now, and what’s the weather like?

(6 days in and this is what I am blogging about. Gonna be a long year…..)