How to buy walking shoes.


I am taking it as a sign. My first official slide into middle age. Today I am going to buy a pair of comfortable “walking” shoes.

You see I leave for Singapore tomorrow with Horatio, Mum and Cousin Rose for five jam-packed days of looking at all things Singaporean. Singapore Tourism has enquired whether my mother was in a fit enough state to go bungy jumping and go-kart racing, which she was very amused by. (For the record, she is. She is also an excellent dancer if you call standing in one spot and shrugging your shoulders up and down a lot a particularly spectacular move.)

There will be a lot of walking involved next week. Mum advised me to get a pair of comfortable “walking shoes” to get around in. Apparently the ole Havianas are not going to cut the mustard. What exactly is a walking shoe? In theory, are all shoes not walking shoes? Apart from going barefoot?

So I googled WALKING SHOES and was offered up a variety of horrors. Check them out!

shoe Aleader-Spring-Summer-Women-Breathable-Walking-Shoes-Mesh-New-2015-Outdoor-Shoes-Woman-Summer-Slip-On.jpg_640x640 Best-Comfortable-Walking-Shoes-For-Travel 5ABAAE60

Is this right? I mean, have you ever? The mind boggles. Do walking shoe designers try to push the boundaries of ugly aesthetics deliberately? And why the fuck are they so expensive? I put them in the same camp as the designers of my industrial strength bras, a feat of engineering is ever there was one.

Advice on walking shoe purchasing much appreciated here!

And Singapore…. any must see, do and eats?