It was just a matter of time


This week a note came from our school saying that because there was such a slack take up of volunteers, the school canteen would be closed two days a week.

You know how many kids attend that school? 764. So one would think that the canteen could be staffed by that amount of parents but no. All summer we received pleasing emails from the Canteen Co-ordinator practically begging.

I think we can all agree that I am no saint, but I did volunteer. I also volunteered Mr. Woog and Dr. Woog and put us all on the emergency call list because I think it is important to support ones local school.

Mr. Woog was quite surprised by the partial closure of the canteen and had discussed it with his business partner, who was not at all surprised and told him that we were a generation of slack-asses. Hr told Mr. Woog that at his son’s cricket club, not one of the 130 parents who had registered their child to play volunteered to co-ordinate the emails which were sent out with reminders and weather updates.

I learnt a lot about volunteering from a man called David. I think it is important to give your time to something. I read another mums argument for NOT volunteering here, and I suppose we all have our reasons.

Sure, you may be a nurse working the night shift and yes, you may be a cubicle jockey working nine till five, but there are also a lot of parents who do have the time, and simply chose not to. And that is fine as well, it is your prerogative as to how to spend your time. Truly, no judgement here. But, I will leave you with this question and I would genuinely love to hear your answer.

Given the amount of time-saving devices we have compared to our parents generation, why do we seem to have less of it?