Jagged little vitamin pill

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Each morning I wake up, get the kids ready for school and sit down at Big Bertha to trot out a little blog post. I am not one for researching, thoughtfully scheduling and planning like most good bloggers. I wake up and think of a little yarn to share and punch out a few words. While I am punching out a few words, I take my pills.

This week, I bought a pill-box from the chemist. I am just going to let that sentence sit there without further comment.

I am not alone. According to the Australian Bureau  of Statistics, 29% of us take a supplement every day, with females popping more pills than the fellas, and the highest proportion of consumers being in the older age groups.

Recently I had the full works done at the doctors. I call it my pink slip. Part of it was a blood test which came back showing that I had a vitamin D deficiency.

I quizzed the Doctor over this, pointing out all of my wrinkles and other sun damage, but she told me to take a supplement and I like to so as I am told. I later heard a naturopath speak at an event who spoke of the wonders of magnesium, so I jumped on board that as well.

More recently, I chatted with my mate Kim about how much of a cranky moll I have been of late, and she told me to load up on Evening Primrose Oil.

So now I practically rattle.

Sure, I could eat kale and drink fermented drinks made from organic turnips. Sure, I could have an colonic irrigation featuring alkaline cider vinegar. But isn’t it easier to take a pill?

And as my years advance, and my body slowly tries to convince me that I am actually turning into a man (hello beard!) I can only assume that I am going to get more “rattely” as time goes on. So I leave you with this question…

Is it all bullshit?

What pills do you take?

Then a