Getting dressed

About six years ago, a very good (and stylish) friend taught me the difference between getting dressed, and putting clothes on. There is a difference. Putting clothes on is when you reach for your jeans which are on the floor, and rumbling through the clean clothes pile to try to locate a t-shirt. Getting dressed is when you give some thought to your attire. You might, for argument’s sake, feel like donning a white pant. This will be the anchor of the whole outfit. You will build your “story” around those pants.

You might fancy a black and white theme, so perhaps a black top and polka dot shoes and if you are feeling particularly bold, throw in a red bag for flair. Or maybe you are feeling particularly virginal and so you pair those white pants with a crisp white shirt, some silver ballet flats, some silver hoops and some silver lipstick.

Are you starting to see the difference between putting on clothes and getting dressed yet? In my head it makes so much sense.

I don’t very often have an occasion that calls for me to “get dressed.” Maybe I will pop on a scarf occasionally to break up the chesticals. Or a jacket. But usually you will find me in comfort wear. Having said that however, I do own one pair of elevated shoes which I have only ever worn for short periods of time. People who tell me that heels are comfortable are dead set liars.

There is, however, one combination of items that, when I put them together, Mr. Woog always comments on.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 8.15.12 am

So what we have here is a pair of pants, soft pants if you will, from Country Road. They pay homage to the nineties tencil era. Not quite a tracksuit pant, I bought these as one of the sales ladies had them on and she looked adorable. Mind you, she was a size 8 supermodel, and somehow when I put them on my size 16 frame, the translation was totally lost.

When teamed with my white leather loafers, bought from the same establishment during a time when I was obviously drunk or very hormonal, Mr. Woog trots out the same old comment, like he did just this morning.

“Are you working at the hospital today my dear?”

Smartass man believes that I appear to me a nurse when I wear this combination. Then he pops on a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans, and roars off to work on his motorbike, leaving me to start my rounds.

When it comes to your daily attire, do you get dressed, or simply put on clothes?

And be honest, what is your single most favourite thing you own when it comes to clothes…