Pick New York. Not the Dork.


A couple of years ago a reader asked me what I would do differently, what would I say to a twenty year old version of myself. You can read that post here.

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Anyway, this well I put out the call to my community, asking what they would advise their twenty year old self. I couldn’t share all of them, but here are just a few.

Travel, learn and experience life. Love can wait until you are older.

No matter how good you think it looked on Pacey from Dawsons Creek, frosted tips is a no go area.

Buy Sydney Real Estate, take more risks, and yes that bloke you are head over heals with will still be the love of your life 25 years later.

Spend some time on you own getting to know yourself. You are smarter than you think and your dreams are valid.

When people treat you badly it’s because they are douches, not you.

For gods sake, put on a bra.

The sky will NOT fall on your head if you stand up and tell your mother you actually don’t want to get married, so that she can cancel it for you.

You were not fat, don’t listen to your uni lecturer and actually apply for that DFAT job, woman up and stop apologising for everything. Oh and that ducks bum style haircut is not a good thing.

Lift some weights and run in the streets not on a treadmill.
Ignore the revolving door of trainee Drs, they’re all wrong & you do need that surgery … it’ll make your life exponentially better.
Visit & call Nan more because one day you won’t be able too.

Spend more time with your dad, he’s going to pass away when your 21 and you’ll never get over that loss. Travel more than you did. Don’t worry about being overweight, your not..but you will be when your 43!

Stop smoking, start meditating, don’t worry about what other people think of you

Dump the fucker… He’s not worth 6 years & your self-esteem .

Your boyfriend is gay. Even though you love Canberra, leaving will be the best thing you ever do. Don’t write off that gorgeous 16-year-old you mistakenly thought was 20. He won’t be 16 forever.

Get on the property ladder instead of living on the cheap in military married quarters. Toughen up, you may come from a lovely family but people are nasty out there especially older ladies who are jealous of your youth and will go out of their way to cause you mischief at work. Do not get married at 22, it’s so stupid! . Only ever have two children. Do not have that third one at 35. It’s a mad thing to do and having babies after an 11 year break could very well be life threatening. Don’t get made redundant, fly to that tropical Island and meet the man who nearly broke you. Under no circumstances, never ever give a shit what other people think. The last one is the most important.

No skank foils in your 20s, as you are not Ginger Spice.
People who you see every day now may filter away slowly or worse, viciously betray you. Some will stay the distance, they are platinum.
Credit cards are the devil.
Ricky Martin is gay and will never love you.
Don’t dump your friends because you have a boyfriend. Doing this makes you an asshole.
Do not take the job with the weird bald man who can’t look you in the eye.
Don’t sell your Cochlear shares.
Do clean the toilet with your enemy’s tooth-brush.

Travel, travel, travel. Live overseas. Do what you are passionate about not what’s expected of you. Be brave enough to make your own decisions and confident enough to back yourself regardless of the final outcome. You have all your thirties and forties to settle down so do not be in a hurry to do it in your twenties. You never get your twenties back so do it all….the sensible stuff can wait.

You will get fat and your joints and pancreas are rubbish so get exercising and eating properly now. He is the right guy so just relax and stop expecting him to come to his senses and leave. Keep in better touch with friends. Wear a bikini. and sunscreen.

You’re strong and brave and you’ll get wise. That fringe is a HUGE mistake, and so is the dropped waist dress. Don’t put up with shitty girlfriends who don’t have your back, ditch them now, not in 20 years time. Eat more chocolate and drink more wine. He’s the one!

Buy a house and not drink your pay packet on dollar drinks on a friday night Hornsby RSL.

Pick New York. Not the dork.

And so dear reader, I ask YOU the question.

What advice would you give to a twenty year old version of yourself?