Release the charge!

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At the ripe old age of forty two, I have finally cottoned on to something that people of far younger age have been mastering. Last week, all the planets much have been in alignment or some such shit, when it struck me.

My life is chaotic because of my own actions! I have no one to blame but myself. Let me try to coherently try to explain it to you.

It came about because we, as a family, had started to get dressed by rummaging through the washing that was piled up on the couch. Now I know for a fact that we are not the only family who uses this practice. (Please tell me that this is true!) But Mr. Woog and I are very good at putting the washing on, hanging it out, bringing it in and dumping it on the washing couch. THAT, we are very good at. But the next step? No. Very bad. So it piles up and piles up until there is nothing left in drawers.

Let’s continue.

The fridge. It doesn’t look like one in a Harvey Norman catalogue. It looks like what one might look like in a shared dorm, a doss house or a really large office kitchen. There are things in there that should have been chucked out a long time ago. Over the weekend Mr. Woog finally cracked it and had a massive clean out so now, it looks acceptable and the CSIRO would not have to issue a notice.

What else? My inbox. I get about a hundred emails a day and I have to be in right state of mind to address them. And you want to know something? I am never in the right state of mind.

And finally, stress. I can let that shit build up and up and up until THERE SHE BLOWS!

So what is my point? What am I trying to say?


A friend of mine got me onto this last year. All this shit that just builds up around us contributes to our stress levels until something has to give. Why don’t I fold the washing straight off the line and pop them into draws right then and there? Why don’t I dedicate an hour every day to read and action correspondance? Why don’t, in the morning when I pop the butter back into the fridge and have a quick squiz in the fridge to see if anything needs to go? Why do I let things piss me off so much?

How do you live your life?

And I will be taking notes…