My cat did NOT move out



Before you read this, read this.

The more I thought about it, the less convinced that Three Doors Down Douglas had possession of Chuy, my cat. Due to my anxiousness which was caused by my worry, I had allowed my mind to play tricks on me.

It was now 5 days since Chuy had been home, really. So I went a door knocking. Everyone in our street knows Chuy, as he tends to sit on the front fence from 5pm to greet the passers-by. One man, an elderly Chinese fella, was particularly missing him. They had very long chats and patting sessions.

I knocked on Douglas’s door.

We had a little chat for a bit, and he was very concerned saying he had not seen Chuy for days. I asked him to keep an eye out. As I turned to leave, I saw something black under some bushes next to his driveway.

It was Chuy. Barely alive.

Now, I am not sure about you, but when my body pumps with adrenaline I am capable of amazing things. I raced up to the vets, exploded threw the door and burst into tears.

Today we find out if it is a tick, or an infection, or a dalliance with a car. And I can tell you this, lovely reader, there is no WAY, if he pulls through, that he will ever be allowed outside again. NEVER.

PS Incidental weight loss this week due to stress

PPS Would rather be fat and not stressed

PPPS Five lives down, four to go