The Pedicure Theory

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You know how it is a national past time for us chicks to judge each other’s choices, (Shut up, you know it’s true) and how if someones choice is different to our own, sometimes things tend to go feral, especially in the digital age?


Well I, for one, admire those women who are comfortable in their choices. The ones who rock a turban, who have chosen not to colour their hair and are rewarded with a glorious grey shade and those who wear age inappropriate clothes because it makes THEM feel good. Those who choose to have children later in life. Those who chose not to have kids at all!

The choice is up to you.

But what’s with those who don’t agree with your choice? Look, I am not perfect but as I am getting older (and hopefully wiser) it is becoming apparent to me that my judgement of others should mean jack shit to them. I have felt my judgey thoughts rise up when presented with something (that I consider to be) questionable, and have had to check my Judge Judy-ness at the door. But then there is times were I myself, are judged.

A recent example I wish to share with you. A boring, yet interesting case study if you will indulge me.

Recently I had a pedicure. My pedicures are practically a medical procedure  and I am still lobbying the government to cover it under medicare. Anyway, I pick colour and plonk myself down for a thorough seeing to. I started chatting to the lady next to me, who was very friendly. She asked me what colour I had chosen and I showed her the very dark blue (Russian Navy) that would adore my talons.

Her face contorted to a look that one might expect when greeted with an elevator fart. You know what I am talking about right? Flared nostrils combined with a wide eye?

“Yuck!” she spat out.

A few years ago I would have been mortified, and would have questioned my choice. But now, I am happy with my (obviously very important) decisions and recognise that her reactions were because she was actually questioning her own (obviously very important) choice of which shade she should choose.

I call this The Pedicure Theory.

The Pedicure Theory is a very interesting and useful one to adhere to in many facets of adulthood. When you question someone else choice, you are really doubting your own. This is particularly prevalent when it comes to raising kids, which is now called “parenting”. Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, co-sleeping, attachment parenting, helicopter parenting, the list goes on and on and on.

So next time Judy jumps into your head, and your face is starting to look a little “smelling a stinging fart”, stop and put the onus back on yourself. Because someone else choices is really none of your business.*

Are you secure with the choices you make in your life?

Is there a little Judge Judy in you?

*Apart from anti-vaxxers. That shit be whack.