The Interview

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It was halfway through a chat with a mate last night about her upcoming job interview, when it struck me that I had very little authority in which to advise her. We had workshopped a suitable outfit, discussed the pros and cons of her new career move and practised a few questions.

I do not have the authority to advise, as I have not had a job interview since 1998. Beyond that my career organically grew thanks to in-house promotions and company acquisitions. Sexy hey!

My first formal interview was when I was in Year Ten when I turned up to the local real estate agent with a copy of their ad from the newspaper in one hand, and my resume in the other. My resume at this point, stated my name, my date of birth, the bands that I liked and a list of things that I had achieved. Like taking out the softball championships and getting a few ribbons at the local Pony Club. The boss was a morbidly obese man in his late sixties who took one look at me and told me that he would pay me five dollars cash an hour and yes, I had the job.

That is how I first got into marketing. And by marketing, I mean letter box dropping.

Another interview of note, my last one in 1998 was with a publishing house. This was a pivotal time in my life when I was making a career change at the ripe old age of 25, having decided I wanted to be like Elaine Benes and work in publishing. If I could, I would have worked for Mr. Lippman at Pendant Publishing. I had no idea what I wanted to do in the actual industry, but I wanted to be surrounded by books and words because eventually, I wanted to become a writer.

Well, hello there.

I wore a suit of Mums. It was a beige, linen pant suit. I teamed this with a pair of brogues. (What ever happened to brogues? Bring them back style fairies!)

I sat opposite a tall fella in his forties and a lass a few years older than me who was clearly loving herself sick on an obvious power trip. I spent some time telling them how amazing I was, and how I was pretty much gifted from the moment I entered the world. They asked me what my weaknesses were.

“Shoes and chocolate!” I told them.

What a fucking stupid question. What are your weaknesses? As if you are going to fess up and say “I have a pokies addiction.” or “I watch far too much online porn” or “Meth amphetamine”

A few days later, power trip lady called me to say that I had got the job and I was so enthusiastic that they decided to pay me $28K a year instead of $27K. I was stoked.

I started as a sales rep, and over the years worked my way up to the Marketing Manager, all of the back of that one interview.  I loathed the job, and started a blog and that is why you are reading this.

Have you got a good interview yarn to share?

Tell me, what is your biggest weakness?