My cat moved out

Here’s is the problem.

Chuy our cat went missing over the weekend. I have been off my brain with worry. Last time he went missing (overnight) he got bashed up by the big black bastard cat and I found him under some bushes, close to death. So in my mind, he was dying slowly somewhere. Not even me wandering the streets opening cans of Fancy Feast, yelling out FANCY FEAST CHUY! FANCY FEAST could coax him out.

I warned the children that Chuy might not come home.

I spend the evenings wandering around in my nightie with a torch.

And then I made up flyers.

I had just finished putting them up all over the neighbourhood and was walking home when I spied Chuy coming out of Three Doors Down Douglas’s garage. I cried with relief, scooped him up, took him home and fed him not one, but two tins of Fancy Feast.

I gave him a very stern talking to.

And yes, before the politically correct police chime in, I do keep him inside at night.

So, long story short, it transpires that Chuy has moved out. I blame the dog, everyone blames the dog. But I really do not know what to do about this? I want my cat back. Do they actually get to choose who their owners are? Despite my vigilante ways, I have so far been unable to catch Three Doors Down Douglas, who I hear is quite the cat-loving recluse.

What are the legal ramifications? Is he a real life cat burglar?


So not lost, you little fucker.

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