A very excellent giveaway!

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Following on from yesterdays post about dog shit, a few of you suggested that I place a sign on the telegraph pole. A great idea indeed! After a few false starts, I feel I got the balance of politeness and snark down pat. My friend Bruce suggested that I change it slightly each and everyday, and really give the dog poo phantom something to think about.

And I think that THAT is a bloody marvellous idea. And then it came to me. A GIVEAWAY!

So, if you would like YOUR message to be featured on the telegraph pole, simply (in 25 words or less or about that or whatever) offer up your wordy wisdom and tomorrow the winner will be revealed! HUZZAH!

Unfortunately you can not use profanities, as I live in a very conservative area and the school bus picks up the high school students at this corner and I don’t want to embarrass my son any further than I normally do in general, everyday activities.

The winner will receive bugger all, but will be able to bask in the glory that the won something! BRAGGING RIGHTS TO THE POLE!

Entries will be judged on creativity, language, grammar and spelling.


PS I will even go and buy new sticky tape so I don’t have to use strapping tape.