Netflix & Chill

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The tables were turned this week, when Horatio gave me a look of horror followed by a smarmy smirk. After school yesterday he asked me…

“What are we going to do tonight?”

And me, being such a cool, hip mum replied with “Netflix and Chill dude.”

Insert look of horror. Insert smarmy smirk.

“You know what that means, don’t you Mum?” he inquired.

I told him that it meant lying around watching Netflix, to which he informed me…

“It means sex Mum. It means watch Netflix and have sex.”

I googled it and yes, that is what the urban dictionary told me.

Now even more horrific than my Year 7 son telling me this was the fact that I have been using this term for ages. To the kids teachers. To the butcher. In work meetings full of millennial advertising agency youngsters.

I shared my experience on Facebook and got some beaut comments. This one from Danielle.

“Oh Holy Christ I have used this in one of my lectures for first year Uni students. WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!”

Digging  a little deeper, our older generation got into AM Radio and Chill where as I am on the generation of VHS and Chill. Back in the Roman Era you had your Watch Lions Chase Poor Folk around the Colosseum and eat them, and Chill.

In the Late Middle Ages, they used to Dodge the Bubonic Plague and Chill.

Are there any other sayings that I should know that I can use in appropriate situations and not make myself out to appear to be a massive horn bag?