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Today I thought we would look at the latest residents of a little place that I like to call Spankytown. Spankytown sits off the coast of Newcastle, accessible by sea-plane only. It is where I send people to cool off for a bit, for trolls to frolic and play and for ignoramuses to sit and scratch their furrowed brow.

Let us begin!

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George Christiansen & Cori Bernardi. Why are these two so obsessed with the gay community? Why are they so fearful of the Safe Schools Coalition? Why do they continue to link homosexuality with pedophilia? Can someone get themselves down to Canberra asap with a white board and a marker to explain things a little more clearly? The world is not as they see it.

Sheesh dudes…. And speaking of Canberra

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We have a new Senator! At just 28, the self-described “classical liberal”, James Patterson this week advised us that Private School Educated students had a far better work ethic than the peeps from Public Schools. At first I was shocked, but then I thought back to when I was 28, and I was madly stockpiling baked beans in case the Y2K theories were correct and we were all going to die because our ATM cards would not work. You are allowed to say stupid things when you are that young. But again, the world is not as he sees it.


This week Fairfax Media announced that it would be shedding another 120 jobs from the news room. This was met with much anger, and quite rightly so. Already working on the smell of an oily rag, the management are turning their focus on “producing content” rather than reporting. Having already let go several excellent columnists such as Wendy Harmer and John Birmingham, they are now going to be using “in-house” people for opinion pieces. The trouble with that is that there are hardly any of them left, and they are once again wielding that axe.

Much like when Mamma Mia started sourcing their sub-editors from Bangladesh, we can expect more content coming in from overseas. Think The Daily Mail. Management blame the shift in ad sales from Print to Online. I am surprised that they didn’t see that coming. Also spare a thought for all those kids studying journalism at Uni. Ferk. Spankytown indeed.

Now, there are a few seats left on the plane.

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