It really does stink.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.22.17 am

I realise the tediousness of writing about dog shit for three days in a row, but somehow I have turned Dog Shit Corner into a local tourist attraction! Never have we had the traffic, both motor and foot, on our street. The bag of shit defiantly remains, perhaps as some sort of FUCK YOU against the conservative establishment, and in a way, I think it has made some sort of point.

Anyway, today I am happy to reveal the winner of the first ever, poster competition for discarded dog droppings. A quick Google this morning has led me to believe that it is a first in the whole wide world!

(I cannot help but be overwhelmed with pride that I have established such a competition.)

The winner is CARMEL! Thanks to all that entered. Indeed it bought out the wittiness of my readership. (Again…. pride). Carmel, your poster will remain up for a couple of days so the tourists can marvel in your cleverness and it alone, will see a price rise in the local real estate market.

Please join me in congratulating Carmel, and for god’s sake, give me some topics to write about.

This shit stuff is OVAH!