Ways in which to fuck up

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I am not sure if I told you, but recently I acquired a Dyson vacuum cleaner. This was a highly anticipated and much celebrated purchase. I know. I am a sad woman who needs to get out more.

His name is Mike Dyson.

Anyway, I love my new cordless false idol and better still, when I ask the kids to vacuum, studies show that there is 70% less bitching and moaning when compared to having to get the old one out, plug it in and drag it around the place.

But last week I managed to fuck up.

You see here in Sydney, we are going through quite the heat wave. When you combine heat and Huffy Puffy sessions, you are left with some very angry ladies. So I decided to whack on the old air-con, move some furniture to the side of our large living room and create our own gym space. Once I did this, there was evidence of filth on the carpets and floorboards. So I turned to trusty Mike Dyson and in less that two minutes the floors were clean.

Alas I went to empty the barrel, when I notices a lack of filth in it. I had forgotten to close it to start with, so evidently I had just filtered the filth and sent it back into the atmosphere.


Because I believe that a fuck up shared is a fuck up halved (and lets face it, we all do it. Even the Queen fucks up) I thought I would share some excellent fuck ups from the readers of WoogsWorld.

I showed the entire primary school pick up line my grandma undies. A shit car seat booster led me to battle getting my 5yo’s seat buckle done up. I knew my dress was riding up over my back but as it was a 2 hand operation, I was powerless. There go all my possible fancy school “Mum Friends”.

I stood at the photocopier at work and typed in my ATM pin code and expected money to come out!

Sucked a dead mouse up the vacuum pole. Didn’t know it was a mouse. A very old dead mouse. It got stuck. I poked a stick into pole to clear it. Mouse broke into bits. No words.

I had a job interview and when it was finished, instead of shaking the interviewers hand, I hugged her. Pretty sure that’s not cool.

Drinking wine day one of quit wine.

Have you been involved in a fuck up recently?

Care to share? (This is a safe space)