Being kind does not mean being boring

Being kind does not mean being boring.

Yesterday I had coffee with two, relatively new mates. I actually met them via this blog! Both readers, one was a local who insisted we met for coffee and has gone on to become a very good friend and the other is an Intimo consultant who got in touch after I wrote a blog post about rubbish fitting bras.

Anyway we were gossiping away when the subject of religion came up. Turns out one of my new mates was a card carrying member of the Happy Clappers. This, of course caused me to fire off question after question, because I am very interested in different people’s faith. My other friend, well her father was Jewish but married outside the faith, so he was shunned.

Me? Well I am lucky to be here at all, as my Dad was studying to be a Catholic Priest when he met my Mum, who boom chicka WOW WOWed in and snatched him from Christ’s bosom and into her own.

Did you know that the Catholic Church is the Biggest Financial Power on Earth? With money comes power and with power comes influence.

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Now I know that as an Australian it is our duty to hate Telstra. For many reasons. but to me, this is a clear case of bowing down to the bullies, which also seems to be something that our government is fantastic at. Malcolm Turnbull, right up until his ascent into the hot seat, was very much for Same Sex Marriage, but did a deal with the conservatives in his party and in exchange for their support promised to push back on it.

Here are a list of countries which allows same sex marriage.

Argentina (2010) England / Wales (2013) Ireland (2015) Portugal (2010) United States (2015)
Belgium (2003) Finland (2015) Luxembourg (2014) Scotland (2014) Uruguay (2013)
Brazil (2013) France (2013) The Netherlands (2000) South Africa (2006)
Canada (2005) Greenland (2015) New Zealand (2013) Spain (2005)
Denmark (2012) Iceland (2010) Norway (2009) Sweden (2009)

I mean, for fucks sake…. Brazil is the most Catholic country on the planet! They are on the list. And Ireland? 84.2% of the population, and they are on the list.

Here in Australia, we have 25.3% on the population identifying as Catholic, yet we are so backwards in coming forwards. I mean, only 3.4% of our country is Gay, yet we continue to deny their right to legally wed their partner. I am not great at Maths, but I do know that NONE of these numbers add up.

Telstra, go straight to Spankytown. So can my local Federal member, Paul Fletcher who does not want gay people to live equally. Not on his watch!

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CLICK HERE and enter your postcode and see where your local member stands. And maybe send them a little email?

As I collected and rinsed the coffee cups after my friends had left, one thing stayed with me. My Happy Clapper mate shared with me her life’s intentions which was something akin to “Try to be kinder than you were the day before.” and I liked this. Would like to see the powers that be adopt this as well. Fuckers.

So tell me…. What does your local member think?

And more importantly, where do YOU stand on this issue?

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