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Help me find the 2000.

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I know that you usually swing by Woogsworld for a bit of shits and giggles, but today I want to get a bit serious. I have been asked by the team at BreastScreen NSW to help spread their latest campaign.

I have worked with them before. Click here. And I am delighted to team up with them again, simply because THEY DO GOOD WORK!

I want you to help me find the NSW 2000.

This campaign is simple. If every woman in NSW aged 50-74 who has not been screened in the past two years were to have a mammogram through BreastScreen NSW, we would find the 2000 women who are currently walking around with breast cancer.

One in eight women in NSW will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Think about how many women you know. Your Huffy Puffy crew. Your Book Club. Your trivia team, or perhaps the group of women who you have known since your kids started school together. For every group of eight women, one of them will develop breast cancer.

For example, there are currently around 50 women in Campbelltown aged 50-74 who are getting about their day, not knowing that they have breast cancer. On the Central Coast, there are 120 women in the same situation.

We need to find them.

I know many women are frightened to be screened in case they get bad news. Yet it is so, so important to know that if there IS something, the best way to treat it is to get onto it early. This information is not supposed to frighten you, but if you are one of the 400,000 women over 50 who have not had a mammogram in the past two years, do me a favour?

Breastscreen NSW will do your mammogram for free. All the radiographers are women and you can simply call 132050 to make your appointment.

Please do me a solid and if you are over 50 sort yourself out. It will give you (and me) peace of mind and if you are one of the 2000, early detection is your best weapon.

Or if you have been a busy bunny and have had yours done recently, start the conversation with your mum, your friends, your aunts, your cousins and your neighbours. I think it is all of our responsibility to find these 2000 women. The twenty who live in Bondi and the 30 that live in Auburn.

Because I need you, lovely reader, to remain with me and my adventures on this blog, because as I sit here on the cusp of being peri-menopausal I guarantee the things are going to get a lot more interesting, and I want you to be around to see how it all goes down.

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What about you?
Have you had a mammogram recently?
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