How do you get your glee?

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How do you get your glee? I rubbed my hands with glee when presented with my lunch yesterday!

Since having Isobel Barbara join the Woog clan, there is one emotion that I get to experience every single day. Glee.

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In Isobel world, everything is delightful. When we go for our daily walk, she prances down the street with her ears pricked forward and her tail wagging, taking in all the marvels of the universe. When we come across another person, the tail wagging goes into overdrive as she greets them like they are the most important person on the planet. Thus in turn, brings glee into their day (Unless they are not dog people.)

When the doorbell rings, she turns into an Alsatian at the junk yard, barking like she is about to rip your throat out but then I open the door and no matter who is standing there, the neighbour, a delivery man, a real estate agent or a relative, she extends such a warm welcome and spreads her glee.

Sometimes certain visitors, such as my father in law Dr. Woog, makes Isobel spread her glee all over the floor. It is called a Glee Wee. She literally pisses herself she is that excited. What a way to live your life hey?

But life is also hard and confusing and annoying and tough. For people, at least.

Yesterday I purchased something from a store and the sales attendant was clearly devoid of any glee whatsoever. I tried to ask how she was, whether she was having a good day but she could not bring herself to make eye contact. It makes you wonder about whats going on in her life. Perhaps she was miserable for a very good reason.

When you walk down the street and come across someone, the nicest thing, I think is to say “Good morning…” or “Good afternoon”, whatever the case is. Said with a smile, it can genuinely bring just the briefest bit of joy to someones day. I recall seeing this elderly lady who looked so amazing once at a cafe. She was rocking her unique look and I stopped and complimented her.

“Oh you have just made my day!” She beamed and we all felt very good about the world. It doesn’t take much, does it?

I am not saying that I don’t have my miserable days. I do. Sometimes I let it win and so some wallowing, but for most of them, I snap myself out of it and get on with it.

My Aunty Pat taught me a very good lesson a few years ago, Get up, get dressed and get out. When the chips are down, you can decide how you are going to deal with it. The truth is we are all the same. The gamut of emotions in us is huge and on any given occasion, you can run the length of that scale.

Today the sun is shining here, and I am wearing the top that I purchased from that sad lady, and I am hoping that she has a better day today.

Glee. Get some. It’s good.

What are the top three things that bring you glee?