Going home

I am going home. I have left the lads to their own devices and have headed out to my parents place, which today seems to be the hottest spot on the planet. Autumn? Why have you forsaken us?

My dearest Step Dad has leukaemia, and it is slowly starting to win this long, hard-fought battle. Fuck you cancer indeed.

The house is filled with flowers. He mentioned to a visitor that he has developed a sweet tooth and you should see the bounty that he has since received! Just now, someone delivered a creme caramel! Mrs Goodman sent out a batch of her World Famous Chicken Noodle Soup, which of course I had to do a quality control taste test, because I am a caring, responsible daughter.

Mrs. Woog Sr. sent out a Jamie Oliver Casserole and Dr. Woog got busy baking his easter bread that the Best Step Dad in the World liked so much at Easter time.

This is my old bedroom. It never looked like that when I lived here.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 4.04.20 PM

See those windows? They were perfectly designed for midnight escapes to the local pub which is conveniently located over the back fence. This was during a time when under-age drinking was not such a big deal, and my sisters and I would scoot up to the Fitz and dance to whichever live band happened to be playing. We even saw Ian Moss there. I recall this as he allowed me to go on the stage with a tambourine and dance. And because I was a dorky, cumbersome teenager, not some hottie, I thought that was really kind of him.

One evening, at 3am my Mum cracked the shits at the noise and calmly called the hotel to tell them that “Enough was enough” and could they turn the music off and shut up shop. So you could imagine her surprise when the publican informed her that indeed he will and he will send her daughters home straight away.

She shared this story over coffee this morning with visitors. I told her, she didn’t know half the stuff we used to get up to. She told me that she didn’t want to know.

It’s nice coming home. It is very quiet. Mum has gone out to run a few errands and I am on Dad watch.

Anyway, hope all is well in you world. I am off to Coles now, as his highness has requested a Mango Nudie, and his requests right now, are my demands.