Getting over writer’s block

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I don’t often get stuck for ideas on what to blog about, but Blinking Cursor Syndrome has hit my brain today, so why don’t we explore that?

Did you know that WoogsWorld will soon be turning eight? That is 2057 posts and 25 discarded ones sitting in the draft section. Those have dramatic titles which include…

  • The end of the world as we know it.
  • How to make corn fritters (I burnt the shit out of them so I had no nice photos to go with the recipe)
  • Should I buy a toilet mat to soak up badly directed piss?
  • Ten thing to do when you are waiting at the RTA

Is it any wonder that those posts did not see the light of day? And then there are the ideas that come to me at 3am while I am lying in bed. I always say to myself, “Please remember that in the morning. That will be a cracker of a post.” Then I fall asleep and have  hot sex with a famous actor, wake up and forget that nugget of gold.

And then there are the notes I write in my phone.

Deviate your septum

Chuy did this last week

Mr. Woog did this 20 years ago

That does sound very dramatic but what actually happened was that 20 years ago, Mr. Woog rolled over in bed and accidentally whacked me on the nose. STARS! I SAW STARS! I also saw stars when Isobel was chasing Chuy around the house the other day and I reached down to grab him at the same time he shot up onto the sideboard.  BOOM. Straight into my nose. The family came running as I staggered to the bedroom in agony. Isobel and Chuy continued “playing” while I wept.

There are many, many articles out there to help you out of Blinking Cursor Syndrome.

What’s A Current Frustration Of Yours? Share It With Your Followers. I currently am suffering from Blinking Cursor Syndrome, thanks for the tip!

What Are Your Traditions? Get up in the morning, make coffee and yell at the kids.

What Is Your Dream Job? Aretha Franklin’s Back up vocalist

What Do You Want To Improve Upon? Basically everything. Cooking corn fritters for a start, maybe…

Answer Your Readers’ Questions In Blog Format. Oh good idea! I’ll do that tomorrow because I am just that interesting!

Which Skills Should Someone Have If They Want To Go Into Your Career? You need to be nosy, interesting in everything and drink a cup of concrete every morning.

Write Something That You’ve Never Written Before.  Cory Bernadi appears to be a man of reasonable character.

Thanks for sticking with me as I suffer from the Blinking Cursor Syndrome. In the business of blogging it is widely advised that you are better off not posting on the days you have writers block, and I think, after re-reading this drivel, it is advice that I perhaps should have taken on board.

Are you a writer, or any sort of creative?

What do you do when you are struck down with BCS?