Writing Therapy

Today I am practicing my writing therapy.

To take to ones bed means to become bedbound due to sickness or infirmity.

Infirmity means physical or mental weakness, and this,my friends has been me down to a T. I declared to all that I was going to take to my bed for a couple of days and boy, did I sleep. In my dreams I heard nothing but three things. The ring tone of my mothers phone, which had been in my pocket all week. The ring tone of the house phone, which rang off the hook, and the buzz of the front gate, heralding the arrival of another van load of flowers, or of good friends carrying in trays of lasagna.

Dressed in black velvet, Mr. Woog was one of the pall-bearers and he was wonderful. Mum spoke first, to the crowd of five hundred who had gathered in our family home’s garden. And Horatio spoke beautifully at the private cremation, before placing his speech on the coffin. As far as services go, it was an outstanding send off.

And then CRASH! Down she came.

Laying in bed, hour after hour listening to Prince, weeping.

Yesterday, The Divine Ms. M called and asked if I would like to go with her to get my nails done. Fresh nails do make me feel better (what a shallow bitch). I let her three-year old poppet, divine darling daughter pick any colour for me, any colour that she wanted.

I am a woman of my word.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 11.18.41 am

When I woke this morning, I assumed the position, that being of rolling over and sleeping interpreted with weeping. And then I looked at my fingers, and then at my toes and the voice in my head told me something.

“Get up. You have had enough time to take to your bed…”

Mrs. Goodman arrived to see how I was doing and I told her that my wallowing time was about to be altered slightly. She hugged my and declared “Mazel tov!”.

Thank you for all your lovely emails and comments. I was chatting with Eden the other day and we agreed that it is a really strange reality you are placed in when you are a personal blogger and you come faced with the huge big stuff, like I have this week. But if you have been reading this blog long enough, you already know that this is my therapy. You are reading my therapy. Thank you xxx