Thank You


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Last month I travelled to Thailand with twelve readers gathered from around Australia. Twelve women with twelve stories to tell. There was a huge margin for error. What if nobody got on? I FELT VERY RESPONSIBLE TO MAKE SURE EVERYONE HAD A GREAT TIME. I should not have worried.

It was a spectacularly successful social experiment. Single mums, widowed ladies, blended families… I think every possible family combinations was represented. I saw exhausted, quiet women literally bloom before my eyes!

Women tend to enjoy hanging shit on other women. You see it all the time, particularly on social media. I am listening to ABC702, where a woman is banging on about hate, and hatred. Now she is talking about Donald Trump. Excuse me while I go and turn it off.

That’s better.

But the opposite of hate is love, and there is a whole lot of love shown within the WoogsWorld community. Like one big hearted reader, who set up a go fund me page for another reader, who has stage four bowel cancer, who raised enough cash to send this wonderful lady to Phuket with us. She didn’t stop smiling the entire time, and YOU did that.

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Or the outpouring of love shown to another reader, when we held our Peacocks and Paisleys giveaway. I got many, many emails like this…

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I am going to come off all Pollyanna-ish when I tell you, it DOES fill my heart! It keeps me turning up everyday to share my stories and in turn, hear yours. Even the so called “hate readers”.

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Yes, they do exist and it makes me want to sweep them up into my bosom and rub their backs, all the while making soothing noises, like the ocean. Or whale calls.

I truly believe in the saying “Birds of a Feather flock Together.” and you birds are the best. I am out at Mums place for a few days, and I am watching many, many acts of love happening and lots of support going on. She is starting the next chapter of her life and it has not been an easy start. But the love, oh the love that surrounds her is quite breathtaking.

So, not a usual blog post from me, but one that is important and well overdue. Thank you. You are amazing and I appreciate you. Keep being thoughtful and kind. It is better for your chakras, or some shit like that. xxx