Peacocks and Paisleys Quilt Giveaway! NOW ENDED

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A couple of years ago now, Priya from Peacocks and Paisleys got in touch with me and asked if she could send me a quilt. Now, show me some manchester and I will flash you my boobs, such is my fondness for the good stuff. And her stuff is GOOD! 100% beautiful cotton, hand printed using traditional woodblock techniques and the perfect, perfect weight for summer by itself, or over the top of a doona when the weather cools.

There she is up there…. the clever reversible quilt. She gets dragged around the house, thanks boys, and plonked on the couch for some superior snuggle time. After a while, she might look a little worse for wear, so I whack her in the mashing machine and she comes out as good as new.

“That is just great Mrs. Woog. I am so pleased someone gave you a quilt and you really like it……” #eyeroll

Just wait!

A few weeks ago, Priya contacted me again and said she would like to send me her new design, and I am all like “I still really love mine…. Why don’t we do a giveaway?” and she was all like “Fuck yeah!” and I was all like “Let’s do this!” And now, here we are.

Check. This. Out. The Indigo Patchwork Hand Block Printed Kantha Quilt.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 8.17.37 am

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 8.17.27 am

Peacocks And Paisleys creates home decor for the bohemian at heart. Our home goods invite you to escape the day to day and connect with the world around them. Because we love artful designs and care about how it is made and by whom, we collaborate with Indian artisans to make products that get your creativity flowing and hopefully inspire you to envision a living space that is artful, artisan made and bohemian eclectic.

Check out the rest of Peacock and Paisleys range here. Put in a bib, as there may be drooling. Sign up for their newsletter and get 20% off your order! Or enter this giveaway….

In 25 words or less*, why do you need this beautiful quilt in your life?

Winner will be announced here on Monday 23rd May. Good luck!!

*give or take. Am not the freaking Fun Police



  • Bryony

    I just had a hysterectomy and can think of nothing more beautiful to lie under as I convalesce and watch nonstop Netflix! Fingers crossed!!

  • Nicole Watson

    That quilt is beautiful! My bedroom needs a makeover and this would motivate me to get in and do it…..

  • Paula Harris

    This is definitely on my “need” list after my ensuite was destroyed by fire and my bedroom copped the black ash and imbedded smoke smell

  • Heidi D

    Only bathroom in our shoebox house is our ensuite, seriously need to cover our bed, that is seen by anyone that needs the loo, with something gorgeous

  • alisonkavanagh

    My current quilt has so many creative additions to the design thanks to years worth of contributions from my kids that it constitutes haute couture in its own right…

  • Fiona van der vlugt

    Im cold we play tug of war with the doona every night. A beautiful warm quilt to wrap myself in bliss!

  • Rachel Mudge

    Wow, those quilts are splendid, and you know what… It would be for M E !!! Yes, ME, not the KIDS, evvvverything for the kids, nothing for me… Except this! What a lovely competition ?

  • Karen Magno

    It’s been 13 years since we changed up the bedroom furnishings, my marriage would be super grateful for this stunner in my life!

  • Lauren Huntley

    I work permanent night shifts as a nurse and am a single mum to three kids. My bed is my place to relax and de-stress and what a beautiful quilt to do that in!

  • I need a bit of pretty. I live in a house, much the same as you Mrs Woog, full of boys. Four of them to be precise. They rule the roost and they pollute the decor with their man-ness and I am a girl who likes pretty things but they all get broken or wrecked one way or another, so I’ve given up. Until now. I think it might just be time to have something a little nice for winter, to boost some cheer. Just for me.

  • Deborah jefferis

    I need this beautiful quilt in my life because i love it and don’t think i can live without it!!

  • My cheeky little cat likes to dry root his toy rat on our quilt and he’s been extremely overzealous and ripped a hole in it the little shit. True story. Can provide photographic evidence.

  • Kate

    Delirious from moving house and painter left big white hand on bed so would love some nurturing comfort.
    I could hide under it with the dogs!

  • Vanessa

    Thinking this would be a fabulous birthday present to myself seeing as I am turning 21 again!!

  • mrshanksy

    “Cos it would make sleeping with Snorey McSnorealot – ALOT more bearable! Cannot even be bothered with relations at the moment, as I lay awake at night with gritted teeth. I know he is super busy and stressed at work, so I want him to sleep but ohmylordygeez – it is giving me the irrits! x

  • Carolyn

    It’s perfectly beautiful and I. JUST. WANT. IT. pretty please?

  • Selby

    Indigo blue- perfect colour for a perfect nap time:)

  • Kate

    I’ll lay my story on you, but be warned, it’s heavy… My sister (single mum, 47) is dying of breast cancer, my husband and I (trés royal) are going to raise her kids (10 & 8), who will join my two (16 & 13) and my father-in-law (84), who moved in with us last year after his daughter (53) died of brain cancer. We’re about to embark on a tightly budgeted renovation of our little house to accommodate this influx. I call it The Mothership Reno, and this ark will need soft-furnishings for cuddles, snuggles, grieving and healing. Love Peacocks & Paisleys & the quilt is an indigo beauty; it would be gratefully received!

    • Big, bright wishes to you Kate. If we could all wrap your house in a big old soft quilt we would!

      • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

        Oh that is SO nice! Thank you xox

    • Big love to you Kate at this difficult time. Twelve years ago we took in my two nephews and niece. My husband is chronically ill in a wheelchair, my Mum lives with us too and our son was only 13 at the time. It hasn’t been all roses but it has been the most meaningful thing I have done and will do in my life. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Please know that even on the bad days you will get through this and have the most beautiful supportive people come into your life as a result. Someone once said to me “If there is room in your heart, there is room in your home” so I reckon you and your husband have beautiful big compassionate hearts, no matter the size of your home. I don’t want to go in for the quilt Mrs Woog – I agree with everyone else – #giveKatethequilt. And I apologise for the long comment on your blog space but I just had to reach out to Kate. Love and light Kate Xx

      • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

        Oh gosh Sandra. I can’t tell you how good it is to hear your story. As my sister nears death our focus narrows. It’s very intense and isolating, tremendously challenging. And to top it off with a cherry, yesterday my 80 year old father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I’m not sure how much more I can handle! To hear your story gives me hope. I know it’s not going to be all beer and skittles, but there has to be a silver lining, right? Thank you xox

        • Oh Kate, hope comes in many different colours, shapes and forms as does the silver linings. Cry all the tears, accept all the hugs and help as you’ll need to embrace the duality of it all. And just when you think you can’t take anymore the sight of the kids playing together will warm your heart, the knock at the door will be a friend with food (or wine – same, same), and just knowing that you are cradled in the thoughts and hearts of so many who care will get you through the years ahead. Be kind to you Kate and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need an ear. You will survive this – you will. Big love Xx

    • Well I think the whole of WoogsWorld wants you to have this beautiful quilt! Please email me your address at [email protected] and we will get it out to you asap. Keep strong and love to your sister. xxx

  • Steph!

    My Aunty made me a quilt in very similar colours when I turned 21. Unfortunately due to storage & moths I had to lay it to rest. I miss it so much & she can’t make a new one she has Nurses hands now. Bless her. I would love this!

  • Tracey

    Please give the quilt to Kate, even though I desperately want it because it is beautiful and I have never had a quilt of my own.

    • Jac

      I second this motion. I too would love to snuggle under this beautiful quilt, but I think Kate really needs a beautiful sanctuary in her full and challenging life, her household needs this quilt.

      • sekai

        me three… what a gorgeous start this would be.

        • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

          Thank you xox

      • Kate in Melbourne, Australia


    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      You are a good and kind woman, thank you xox

  • Georgina Jeboult

    Oh. My! Isn’t that gorgeous. I need this doona in my life. I have a dirty husband and two dogs (also dirty) so I no longer have the energy to maintain a white doona. And this doona wouldn’t show a thing! Also, because it’s really really pretty!

  • Sharon Cooke

    My bedroom is a sad place. This quilt would make it a happy place. We all need some happy in our lives.

  • Hayley

    This would be perfect for some tummy time with my new baby, due any day now!

  • Natalie Sims

    In a short few words: we moved, our bedroom screamed ‘old people’, this quilt is beautiful and would give me an excuse to update our revolting floral curtains.

  • Kimberly Rampersad

    I love navy blue color and it would go perfectly with the decor in my bedroom. this quilt would definitely make my bedroom more comfy.

  • Alissa

    I would love this for my Mum! She adores blue and white and she’s had a bit of a rough year.

  • Lifeandlentils

    I lived in India for a while and I often bought kantha quilts back as gifts for friends and family. Unfortunately, when it came time to move back to Sydney I didn’t have the foresight to buy myself one. I love the one you are giving away…. Blue is my colour!

  • ClareD

    It’s gorgeous and would look lovely on my big mahogany sleigh bed, but for the love of God, give it to Kate.

    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      Thank you for the generosity of your thoughts. And your excellent taste in beds! xox

      • ClareD

        I’m so sorry life has dealt you and your family this hand Kate. I hope the hard days will be even a teensy bit easier if the quilt also reminds you that there’s a big group of random, fabulous women standing behind you cheering you on and wishing you love and strength. xxx

        • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

          It will. I will feel you all every time I use it. You are all so lovely.

  • sekai

    oh my this is just too pretty. But give it to KATE – be a good start to the Mothership Reno.

    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      Too kind, thank you xox

  • tara

    I came here to comment because this is gorgeous and I’ve had serious quilt envy since I first saw your first one ages ago. But Kate needs this much more than me. I will just have to buy one instead!

    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia


  • Heidi Stacey

    Give it to Kate – I feel selfish even wanting this quilt for myself! But it is so very beautiful. Has Kate thought of doing one of those Go Fund Me campaigns just to help out the family a little bit??

    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      No I hadn’t! I might need to for the curtains alone… xox

  • Lynette

    The quilt looks beautiful Mrs Woog.
    It matches my bedroom and I think I will need it coming into winter in Melbourne.

  • Mystica

    I’d love to gift this to my son in law who is one in a million and who looks after and accepts my quirky daughter so lovingly!!!

  • tcormack

    How would above quilt look hairy?

    For the love of all that is good and holy “get off the bed dog”.

    *dog slinks off the bed leaving behind a trail of spikey red hair, only to wait until I walk away before jumping back on the bed to snore and fart once more.

    • tcormack

      Just read comments and agree that Kate should have the quilt, more deserving and less hairy. Good luck Saint Kate.

      • me three!

        • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

          So sweet, thank you xox

      • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

        No saint! But thank you for your good wishes. It’s very very hard, but what to do? We just have to put one foot in front of the other and love love love xox

  • sue

    Stunning! this would make my ‘Quiet mummy time” (aka hiding in bedroom with door locked) much more glamorous

  • Yep, if I have a vote, I vote for Kate.

    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      Very kind, thank you xox

  • Shazziebazzie

    I love the colours In the quilt and would dear.y love it but would be much more excited if Kate had it. I have a tablecloth from Peacocks and Paisleys and love it ??

    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      Too kind xox

  • Nicky Rasmin

    Give it to Kate. I love it, I want it…. but she needs it. xo

  • Kate

    I’m with the others, Give it to Kate <3
    Or give it to me … And I'll give it to Kate 😉

    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      Thank you namesake! Very kind xox

  • honeybegentle

    Another vote for Saint Kate.

    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      Dear Honey, I have just swung by Woogs World (as I regularly do, such a good blog) and have been bowled over and thoroughly warmed by the incredible response to my story. It’s very intense and as our focus narrows, quite isolating. So the heartfelt warmth, caring and support could not have come at a better time. Thank you for your lovely thoughts xox

  • Megan

    I’m 8 months pregnant with our 3rd ‘beautiful surprise’ later in life, the (eternally banned) puppy ate our quilt and it won’t be replaced with anything quiet so beautiful anytime soon.

    But honestly Kate really needs this.
    A go fund me campaign as well, brilliant idea!

    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      Oh you’re really in it now! When our dog was a puppy he destroyed shoes… I did the maths: over $1200 worth of shoe destruction!! Thank you for your kind words xox

  • Kylee Doust

    Peacocks are glorious, Paisleys are gorgeous, if you give this quilt to Kate, we’ll all be victorious.

    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      Thou art Proust

      Thank you xox

  • Sarah Gooley

    I think you should give it to Kate too. In 25 words or less she’s having the mothership of shithouse times and something nice and pretty won’t change things but make her feel a touch special. xx

    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      You are bang on there. It’s intense and as our focus is narrowing, quite isolating. Beauty feeds the soul and my soul is definitely bruised xox

  • Hands down the Woog Women have spoken – please give a little peacock and paisley snuggliness to Kate to help her though her Mother-ship Reno and her Motherload of responsibilities and family healing. Sure, we’d all love it – but she bloody deserves it!

    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      That is SO kind, thank you xox

  • kjr

    If Kate doesn’t get it I’ll pitch in to get one for her!

    • tcormack


      • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

        You are all SO kind and thoughtful xox

    • Lee Shapcott

      I’m in too

      • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

        I am overwhelmed with how lovely you all are xox

    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      Oh kjr that is SO thoughtful & kind xox

  • Emma



    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      Thank you lovely person xox

  • Noames


    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      You are so sweet, thank you xox

  • If I won it would save me breaking in to Mrs Woog’s place and stealing her old one. Bloody pretty things make me smile.

  • Cheekie

    I’m with the Kate bandwagon but appreciate the link to this gorgeous business

    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia


  • Vivian Sommerich

    The quilt is Kate’s – so I ordered my own!!!

    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      You are a GOOD woman Vivian xox

  • marypreston

    This stunning quilt just speaks to me. First of all I know it is saying TAKE ME HOME!! Mostly it’s the colours & patterns – calming blue ocean, calming blue ocean…

  • Donna

    Please give it to Kate.
    Sometimes help come in different forms.

    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      Donna you are so right. I wasn’t expecting this outpouring of support when I checked in on Woogsworld today. It’s very heartening xox

  • Andrea Hall

    Nothing heals my blues like some indigo hues ???

  • Lisa Grenfell

    My foot went thru my quilt and I am patching it and all the other worn spots to make it last longer. That one’s Gorgeous!

  • Tricia Gray

    How gorgeous! I’m going to save up and buy my own as Kate definitely deserves it more. What a horrible place to be in life but what an amazing family you are.

    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      Thank you for your thoughts & kind words Tricia xox

  • Noelene

    Kate I send my love and strength please give her the quilt it will brighten their lives ❤️

    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      Thank you so much Noelene. It’s a very intense time; all love & strength gratefully received xox

  • Lee Shapcott



    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      Thank you Lee xox


    I am voting for kate, give it to her or start up a fund for her so we can all put in towards the cost of the doona.

    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      Ha! I appreciate your thinking… xox

  • As much as I would love and appreciate this beauty, I’m also with the community in my vote for #givingkatethequilt <3

    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      So kind, thank you xox

  • #givekatethequilt

    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      Oh gosh, I didn’t think there’d be a hashtag! Thank you xox

  • Danielle B

    Beautiful quilt..would love it but I also vote to give it to Kate

    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      So kind! Thank you xox

  • #giveKatethequilt

    • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

      Oh my! Thank you xox

      • Emily Patterson

        Kate, as one of those others in this stream said, empathy is connection. This quilt has a big job – to remind you. ?

  • Carey Deacon

    How gorgeous would love to win @careydeacon

  • Kathryn

    This quilt would be right at home in um…my home! Blue and white love 🙂

  • Oh this print is DIVINE! I’ve been eyeing off this brand forever. New job means I’m exhausted, this would turn my bed into a rejuvenating haven. ???

  • AliceS

    I have 2 teenage boys & a husband. Having one feminine thing would be so, so special. I’m not girly, but desperately need something nice that isn’t covered in boy germs, or mud, or food crumbs.

  • Nicole

    Because everything I have is ugly, ugly, fugly and, with three boys and a hubby, masculine too. Something beautiful, not prissy, would make me feel like a queen’