Peacocks and Paisleys Quilt Giveaway! NOW ENDED

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A couple of years ago now, Priya from Peacocks and Paisleys got in touch with me and asked if she could send me a quilt. Now, show me some manchester and I will flash you my boobs, such is my fondness for the good stuff. And her stuff is GOOD! 100% beautiful cotton, hand printed using traditional woodblock techniques and the perfect, perfect weight for summer by itself, or over the top of a doona when the weather cools.

There she is up there…. the clever reversible quilt. She gets dragged around the house, thanks boys, and plonked on the couch for some superior snuggle time. After a while, she might look a little worse for wear, so I whack her in the mashing machine and she comes out as good as new.

“That is just great Mrs. Woog. I am so pleased someone gave you a quilt and you really like it……” #eyeroll

Just wait!

A few weeks ago, Priya contacted me again and said she would like to send me her new design, and I am all like “I still really love mine…. Why don’t we do a giveaway?” and she was all like “Fuck yeah!” and I was all like “Let’s do this!” And now, here we are.

Check. This. Out. The Indigo Patchwork Hand Block Printed Kantha Quilt.

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Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 8.17.27 am

Peacocks And Paisleys creates home decor for the bohemian at heart. Our home goods invite you to escape the day to day and connect with the world around them. Because we love artful designs and care about how it is made and by whom, we collaborate with Indian artisans to make products that get your creativity flowing and hopefully inspire you to envision a living space that is artful, artisan made and bohemian eclectic.

Check out the rest of Peacock and Paisleys range here. Put in a bib, as there may be drooling. Sign up for their newsletter and get 20% off your order! Or enter this giveaway….

In 25 words or less*, why do you need this beautiful quilt in your life?

Winner will be announced here on Monday 23rd May. Good luck!!

*give or take. Am not the freaking Fun Police