On Swinging

Are we going to go there? Are we ready to talk about the election?

Every single time, every single time I discuss politics I find myself in a shit storm. I am getting good at ducking.

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Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.03.07 pm

I recall meeting Hugh Rimington after this event, who was divine, and Mark Latham who was…..not so much. Quite yelly in fact.

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And that is just our esteemed press! The emails and comments are always just a nice “value-add” much like my Instagram shots.

Speaking of values, that it the one thing that will determine where my vote will go in this election. Having been a giant swinging voter in the past, it is a very interesting political time that we live in, both here and in the US. I have spent years and years handing out HOW TO VOTE cards for my Mum, who is in local government (a totally different yet nasty type of beast driven by dry-cleaners with massive egos and docile little men) and getting yelled at by people who do not understand the process. They say things like “I fucking hate Rudd!” before running the gauntlet and disappearing inside to get their name marked off.

The once heavily revered and hopeful Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has bent over for the ridiculous far right wing nut jobs and it has been a disappointing thing to see. Bill Shorten appears to have gained a little ground on him, jumping onto unpopular opinions *Tips hat to Mr. Dutton*.  I live in an electorate that is considered the safest seat in Parliament. We are a Liberal loving neighbourhood with a member who is obsessed with roads. He is also against gay marriage which is a bit of a deal breaker for me, as I have been actively campaigning for marriage equality for over 5 years now. So it is fair to say that he doesn’t represent my views on much.

I place value on marriage equality, climate change action, Gonski funding for all schools and the contempt in which we treat asylum seekers. They are MY priorities. Yours will be different. You might live in an area where unemployment is a huge problem, or the health care offered is sub par. Your schools may be underfunded and under-resourced or your kid might be getting underpaid by a multi-national company. I guess what I am trying to say is vote for the member who best represents YOU.

Yesterday I had coffee with a Woogsworld reader who is heavily involved with Domestic Violence and raising awareness and resources about this hideous epidemic. She also happens to be an opposing candidate in my electorate. She is an outspoken, smart, working Mum who dearly wants to be an alternative voice. She is bright eyed and confident and when I asked her “Why the hell would you want to get involved?” she told me that she had a voice, and she wasn’t afraid to use it. Did I mention she also had good taste in blogs?

I am not, despite what some think, a “political puppet”. I too have a voice that I ain’t afraid to use. And I am on that swing as it travels back the other way. Still annoyed about that missed schnitzel opportunity.

What are YOUR values?

What are YOUR issues?

I have given YOU a platform below in the comments section. Use your OUTSIDE voice!

(Trust me. All parties are reading them)