Thai Green Curry

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I made this.

Thai Green Curry. It is the one thing that I have never been able to make successfully at home. A few months ago, I had another crack at it and thought to myself… “Why don’t I squeeze in a bit of lime in that?”. And so I did. And then the whole bloody thing curdled into a revoting mess and I had to chuck it in the bin and fire up the jaffle maker.

The last few weeks I have been travelling and eating for an Olympic World Record, but I still go back to last week, when I was in Thailand doing a cooking class under the tutorage of the Pullman Panwa’s Executive Chef, Lee Alan Wood. He showed us how to cook the real deal, with a fool proof method and results that are worthy of sharing with you.

Me? I was doing the whole thing wrong. I was chucking paste in a fry pan with onion, adding chicken and cooking it way to aggressively before dumping in some coconut cream and wondering why it tasted like decade old leather boots. I asked Lee to send me the recipe WORD FOR WORD LIKE HE TAUGHT IT TO ME so you can try it at home.

And although it might not be my sexiest recipe I have shared with you, it may just be one of the more practical. Serves 2.


Chicken breast                          150      gr.

Thai eggplant                            100      gr.

Pea eggplant                             50        gr.

Red chili                                    20        gr.

Basil leaves                                15        gr.

Kaffir leaves                              2          pcs.

Green curry paste                     50        gr.

Coconut milk                            2          cup

Fish Sauce                                1           tablespoon

Palm Sugar                              1           teaspoon

Cooking oil                               3          table spoon


  1. Stir fry green curry past with cooking oil and kaffir leaves
  2. Add coconut milk ½ cup and chicken sliced, Thai eggplants, pea eggplant stir until chicken cooked
  3. Add remaining coconut milk, fish sauce, palm sugar and boil until egg plant has softened. Then add basil leaves and red chili.
  4. Continue boiling 1 minute then off the heat and put on the dish

IT IS ALL IN THE METHOD PEOPLE! DO NOT DEVIATE FROM THE METHOD. Add the coconut milk in smaller increments. It is important. Lee reckons the commercial curry pastes are very good, and even better if you can get yourself some at an Asian Supermarket.

The levels of flavours are full, with each one exploding on your tongue, like what happens when you line 5 of the same colours up on Candy Crush. (Indecently, played Candy Crush on the plane the other day and Beth lent across and asked me if indeed I was actually a grown up.)

What is the worst thing you have ever served up for dinner?

Curdled Curry Anyone?