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Today I went along to listen to my mate Nikki talk about working as an “Influencer” as a part of the Vivid Festival of ideas. She was on the stage with a couple of other digital warriors, and the whole thing was very interesting to me, having worked in the “space” professionally for four years now. The thing that the speakers really insisted upon was to “be your authentic self.”

Tis true, dear readers, that there is a lot of fakery on the intwewebs (and the media, of course!) Fake teeth, fake smiles, fake boobs. I am always pointing this out to the kids, whether it be a sexist advertisement on the back of a bus, or sitting down to watch The Batchelor. I am constantly telling the boys that women don’t really like lying on the ground with their legs, encased in hosiery, stuck up in the air, or that it is not normal for 12 women to fight over a man.

A few of the speakers also discussed their mistakes. I LOVE making a good mistake! I learn from it, hopefully they are never very huge, or dangerous. One of the speakers admitted to be on the end of some mail that pointed out that she had committed career suicide! Talk about dramatic, and untrue… The crowd was a younger bunch, mainly from agencies and brands and they were all shiny and well put together. (And all I kept thinking about what was happening under my socks.)

You see, many bloggers, intragrammers and like minded social media folk will have you believe that their lives are perfect. But that young whippersnapper up there in the middle, Cartia Mallan  impressed me when she said the nobody was better or worse than she was, that deep down we are all equals. Despite what some folk may like you to believe, everyone has their flaws. Some people like to keep them hidden, while others openly accept them and move on.

Last week, Mum and I did the Milky Foot treatment, and I have had equal demands of sharing the results and for NOT sharing the results. If you have Podophobnia (legit fear of feet) click away my friends, click away….





Faint hearted people, look away.





As authentic as fuck.

So, are you perfect?