WoogsWorld Turns 8


Every couple of years, I ask a favour of you. I ask you to de-lurk! De-lurking is the delightful practice of putting your hand up and saying hello.

Do you know that I have been writing this blog for eight years today? That is a hell of a lot of mundane ramblings, where we have covered off very interesting topics such as birth, life, death, sakatas, cars, furniture, tantrums, boobs, camel toes, ingrown hairs, peeling feet, pasta, schnitzels, Tony Abbott, home renovations, dry humping at the dishwasher, tea-bags in sinks, rats, bins, condom dresses and the like.

Do you know that I have actually written 2085 blog posts about it?

Do you know that you guys have commented 36,885 times about such interesting topics?

And now it is time to DE-LURK DAR-LINKS!

Who are you?

Where do you live?

What’s your story?

How long have you been reading WoogsWorld?

Does my bum look big in this?